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Boston, Massachusetts 2021-07-25 12:16:49 –

Saugus (CBS) – Entomologist shakes nets to collect insects at Fiske Brook in Saugus Tony Kiszewski I’m trying to solve a mystery. “The key is to find the source,” Kiszewski said. “Find a major intrusion.”

Team I brought a bug expert – residents of Pembury Drive told us Suffering from the spread of flies For months, the town didn’t help.

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“That’s why I called you,” Annette Cafarella tells WBZ, the flies are on coffee, food, and face, and when they fall asleep they take a breath at night.

Neighbors say that even their own home has become so bad that they can’t eat it. “We can’t live this way anymore,” says Mary Darlingle.

Professor Kiszewski of Bentley University has identified flies in the house as flies or carcass flies, usually feeding on dead humans and animals. So far, he has not found any evidence that something is corrupt in the stream area. He is still investigating and is discussing with his neighbors who say that much construction has been done in the area and pest control measures have been taken against rodents. However, Kiszewski says he suspects that there are enough mice to support such a large-scale invasion.

The WBZ was there when Anthony Cogliano, the chair of the selection committee, appeared with his own pest control expert. He said he needed state approval to treat the stream. “Town, myself, no one wants their neighbors to experience what they are experiencing,” Coriano said.

If getting DEP approval to process vegetation can solve the problem, that’s what he says urges him to do it in town.

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However, if this continues for a long time, families will become more and more concerned about their health risks.

Professor Kiszewski states that people can become infected with these flies. Although rare, there are some potential problems.

Mary is worried about her three grandchildren living with her. When I talk to WBZ in tears, the whole situation is “terrible.”

The DEP states that so far the town does not seem to require a permit from the waterway sector for spraying.

The town’s health director said residents’ workers would open the sewers on Wednesday and use cameras to look for possible causes.

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The family was also informed that the town was planning to dredge a stream and reduce overgrown vegetation.

Expert Identifies Bugs Infesting Saugus Homes As ‘Corpse Flies’ – CBS Boston Source link Expert Identifies Bugs Infesting Saugus Homes As ‘Corpse Flies’ – CBS Boston

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