Experts say WHO and world leaders may have been able to avoid Covid’s calamity

A swift and cooperative international response will make the 2019 Covid-19 outbreak in China a global catastrophe in 2020, according to a bitter report on the response of world leaders and the World Health Organization to the pandemic. It may have been blocked.

Expert review by Independent panel for pandemic preparation and responseCommissioned by WHO to provide lessons for preventing future pandemics and make dozens of recommendations for reform.

This will include a new treaty to establish the Global Health Threats Council, increased WHO surveillance to investigate and publish information on disease outbreaks without government approval, and an international pandemic that could cost $ 5 billion. Includes new funding for the Financing Facility (IPFF). Demand $ 10 billion annually for preparation and $ 50-100 billion for urgent notification of health emergencies.

“The Panel recommends radical changes designed to ensure the highest level of commitment to the new system .. Citizens can rely on them to keep them safe and healthy.” Said its co-chairs, former Prime Minister of New Zealand Helen Clark and former Liberia President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

This review does not investigate the origin of the virus that causes Covid-19, Sars-Cov-2. However, Chinese officials and WHO have recognized that the virus is spreading among the Wuhan people and have criticized it as too late to warn the world of human-to-human transmission.

“In the future, we need to use a prophylactic approach from the beginning. We acknowledge that respiratory disease can spread from person to person unless established in another way,” the report said. Says.

The Commission has severely criticized the International Health Regulations, the only legally binding means of developing illness. “As it is currently being built [they] It helps to constrain rather than encourage swift action, “the report said. “When it comes to travel, IHR’s restraint of restrictions does not seem realistic for a pandemic in a highly interconnected era.”

“If travel restrictions had been imposed more quickly and widely, it would have been a serious impediment to the rapid spread of the virus,” Clark said in a press conference prior to the release of the review. “We must recognize that we live in the 21st century, not in the Middle Ages.”

The Panel has criticized WHO for failing to declare a public health emergency of international concern until January 30. It was officially called a pandemic on March 11.

Indian mourners attend the cremation of a relative who died in Covid-19. The panel of experts criticized China and WHO for being too late to recognize the spread of the virus among Wuhan humans © PRAKASH SINGH / AFP via Getty

But the strongest criticism was directed at the wealthy countries of Europe and North America, who “wasted February 2020” by omission. A global health, social and economic catastrophe that continues its grip. “

“There was a crazy battle for PPE, remedies and other equipment,” Clark said when the seriousness of the crisis was finally recognized in March 2020. “This was exacerbated by the lack of global leadership.”

To provide future leadership, the Panel calls on government leaders around the world to establish a Pandemic Framework Convention with the Global Health Threats Council to provide a stronger legal basis for action. We recommend that these begin at the Global Summit, a special meeting of the UN General Assembly that should be held later this year.

The council will allocate funding from IPFF to institutions that develop readiness and response capabilities, including a global platform that can provide vaccines, diagnostics, medicines, and consumables “quickly and fairly worldwide.” We will move to a model aimed at providing global public goods. ” .. According to the panel, the facility should be ready to pay up to $ 100 billion in a rush notice in the event of another pandemic.

Travelers at Miami International Airport in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic

A traveler at Miami International Airport in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic. The panel said a quick and widespread curb during the trip would help contain the disease © Daniel Slim / AFP via Getty Images

This review also calls for strengthening WHO’s authority and funding. This includes raising fees paid by Member States. “Depoliticize recruitment (especially at the advanced level) by adhering to the standards of competence associated with merit”; improving board performance (failing to act as executive body during a pandemic The panel states), appointing a secretary-general with a seven-year term instead of the current renewable five-year term.

Panel members are discussing with the Head of Government to ensure that the measures are implemented. “The shelves in the UN and capital storage rooms are full of reports and reviews of previous health crises,” Sirleaf said. “If their warnings had been paid attention, we would have avoided today’s catastrophe. This time it should be different.”

Experts say WHO and world leaders may have been able to avoid Covid’s calamity

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