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Tampa, Florida — “There are two pills that are attacking two very different parts of the viral life cycle, which is really great,” said Dr. Thomas Unnasch, a prominent USF health professor. ..

Merck and Pfizer COVID-19 pills work completely differently.

Merck tablets attack the RNA components of COVID-19.

“The pill is basically that it goes in and is a component of RNA, but it’s a bad component of RNA. Therefore, when a virus begins to incorporate its bad building blocks, it makes a lot of mistakes. Instead of starting to commit and copying correctly, it causes confusion, “Unnasch said.

“It completely ruins the ability to copy and duplicate the information it needs to create a virus, so the virus dies,” he added.

Pfizer tablets confuse viral proteins.

“It’s called a protease inhibitor. Therefore, the virus needs a protease to break down the protein to restore itself, and this tablet prevents it from happening to SARS-CoV-2. It’s specific, “said Dr. David Berger, a certified pediatrician at Holistic Pediatrics. Family care.

It makes it difficult for the virus to replicate in your body.

“This is really really good because it has one, two punches, a left hook and a right hook to really chase the virus,” Unnasch said.

Researchers are working to get more data, but so far experts have said that depending on how both pills work, Omicron variants and other pills that may follow. He says he can also fight.

“The really cool thing about this, from what I’m reading, is that different variants shouldn’t make a difference. Currently, the mutations found in mutants are changes in peplomers, which are peplomers. It gets into our cells and the vaccine is now based. It’s about the general replication of the virus itself, so there’s no difference between the variants, “Burger said.

Advisor The U.S. Food and Drug Administration voted this week to recommend an emergency use authorization for Merck tablets...

The data show that the risk of someone getting infected with severe COVID-19 or dying can be reduced by 30%.

However, if a pregnant woman takes Merck pills, experts still have doubts about the possibility of birth defects.

Health officials say the risk of birth defects has not yet been fully studied.

Most experts emphasize that those who are pregnant at this point should not be used, and the FDA recommends additional precautions before prescribing the drug, such as having a pregnancy test on women of pregnancy age. I asked for it.

If approved, Merck tablets will be the first oral antiviral treatment to combat COVID-19.

Pfizer has also applied for its approval COVID-19 pill, The FDA panel has not reviewed it yet.

But so far, health experts say the data looks promising.

“They show that they have reduced hospitalization by 89% overall, and in a study conducted, zero people died of COVID taking pills,” Berger said. I have.

Both medications require multiple tablets taken twice daily for 5 days. They can be taken home to treat COVID-19.

The Biden administration has agreed to purchase both drugs if it obtains an emergency use authorization.

Doctors say more treatment is needed due to the threat of the COVID-19 epidemic, and researchers believe these tablets can have a significant impact on the pandemic.

“All of this is really effective only if the virus is treated early before it actually gets out of hand,” Unnasch said.

“If you’re positive, go to the site right away and get one of these early treatments yourself, and you’ll be fine,” he added.

Experts think COVID-19 pills could help fight pandemic Source link Experts think COVID-19 pills could help fight pandemic

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