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Tampa, Florida-As the holiday season gets into full swing, many people may travel by car. With the new Omicron variant, some people may also be concerned about safety while going on those trips. Local travel and public health professionals share advice on how to keep your vacation safe and safest.

It’s been a while since I’ve traveled to Lorijad. She departs for a cruise on Wednesday and has another big trip in the spring.

“There are also trips to Europe that obviously had to be postponed because of the rebooked pandemic,” Judd said.

With the new Omicron variant, ABC Action News asked Judd if pressing the pause button on the plan had ever come to mind.

“It’s totally different,” Judd said. “I’ve actually taken a lot of precautions. I’m a booster, but I’ve taken a lot of precautions and I’m still wearing a mask when I’m in public. I need to take a test at home today. “

Judd is also an authorized travel agency for Prestige Travel Vacations and says he hasn’t heard any concerns from his clients yet.

“I think we’re much more prepared for this kind of incident than before. We know what to expect,” Judd said. “So my clients haven’t really made any changes to what they’re doing. There are still new requests for trips to Europe. Everyone seems to be taking it all at once.”

When considering what people would do with their upcoming trips, Dr. Marissa Levine, a professor of public health practice at USF Health, considered whether people would need to postpone or cancel their trips with this new variant. ..

“It’s a very personal decision. The problem is that there are actually many new restrictions, so you really need to understand what’s happening where you’re going. “Levine said.

Experts explain that there are many unknowns about Omicron variants and that it may take some time to learn further.according to whoIt is not yet clear whether this subspecies spreads more easily from person to person compared to other subspecies, or whether it causes more serious illness.

Dr. Levine explains everything we are talking about during this pandemic issue. For example, safety should be included in the plan, such as masking, distance maintenance, and vaccination.

“I stuff your patience because you have to be flexible and adaptable no matter what you decide to do, but you know completely before you go to make the best decision I want to be done, “said Levine.

Experts say you’ll want to get used to tests and other requirements that change rapidly depending on where you go, emphasizing that you need to be flexible when navigating this stage of the pandemic. increase. Judd suggests that travel insurance is also a good idea.

“Travel insurance has changed a bit. They cover a few things and add some additional medical costs, so if you test positive and travel abroad, you’ll be back in the United States. If you can’t, there are some policies that protect you and give you some benefits to help cover some of those additional costs you might have. ” Said. “That’s the best bet. Otherwise, you’ll be at the mercy of the vendor you’re booking.”

Experts weigh in on travel amid emerging omicron variant Source link Experts weigh in on travel amid emerging omicron variant

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