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Milan (AP) — Former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is testing his already low popularity, causing a political crisis …

Milan (AP) — Former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is testing his already low popularity, causing a political crisis that could disrupt the Italian coalition government during a critical period of the coronavirus pandemic. ..

Renzi coordinated the resignation of two ministers from his small but important Italian Viva party. The results of his power play will be revealed this week when Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte addresses both houses. If Conte wins the bid, he can form what will be the third coalition government since Italy’s 2018 elections.

Renzi’s power play

This is not Renzi’s first foray as an idol destroyer that shakes Italian politics. He premiered in 2014 by manipulating then-Democrat Enrico Letta as an Italian leader and rudely dismissing him. Renzi himself lost power almost three years after betting his popularity in a failed constitutional referendum.

Now, the 46-year-old former mayor of Florence may beat Conte. He has widely accused the premiere of not properly managing the coronavirus crisis. Renzi says he is only following his conscience and making great political sacrifices.

“Italian Viva did not cause a crisis. It has been going on for months,” he insisted at a press conference last week.

Renzi, a senator of the Italian Viva Party, supported Conté when he failed to gain previous power by Matteo Salvini, the leader of the right-wing league party, which was part of Conté’s first government.

According to a new poll, Junior Union partner Italia Viva supports only 2.4% of survey respondents, down from 6.2% at the time of the party’s inauguration. Italia Viva was created in September 2019, bolting the Democratic Party, which Renzi once ran. He brought in two ministers and gave him the leverage he hired last week.

Next move of Conté

With the resignation of Italian Minister Viva, Conte is working to strengthen parliamentary support among independent parliamentarians. He still has the support of the Democratic Party and the Five Star Movement and criticizes Renzi’s move as irresponsible.

Conte will file a proceeding in the House of Representatives on Monday and in the Senate on Tuesday. Voice vote is taken every time you appear and is equivalent to a vote of trust.

If he does not have enough support, Conte will probably submit his resignation to Italian President Sergio Mattarella. In that case, a technical government can be set up. Analysts consider early elections to be the least likely outcome, as political movements and elections are difficult to conduct during a pandemic. There are concerns that the opposition to the right wing will increase and that it may lead the new administration. The current majority wants to hold on until at least January 2022, when a new president is elected.

Conte may survive to guide what will become his third government by rallying sufficient support in both homes. And it is still possible that Italia Viva will regain that support.

What’s wrong

Italy estimates that the European Union’s economic recovery fund it manages will have € 222 billion ($ 268 billion). This is essential funding for the modernization of the country and its weakening economy.

Conte gained widespread support during Italy’s devastating patrol by the coronavirus in early 2020, but his popularity rift emerged during the even more deadly fall revival. Four months after the government’s gradual restriction system, newly confirmed daily infections remain stubbornly high, with 81,800 deaths from the Italian pandemic, the second highest in Europe after the United Kingdom.

The Conté administration has also been accused of not leaving high school open during the pandemic. This decision is primarily tied to inadequate transportation to enable social distance. And there are concerns that Italy does not have enough health care workers to carry out national vaccination campaigns.

However, the crisis eventually spurred when Conte presented plans to manage the EU’s recovery fund. Political analyst Wolfgang Piccoli called it the “ultimate mistake” and Renzi has shown a move to reaffirm his “excellence.”

Italians are mostly in political struggle when the country’s priority is to control the coronavirus pandemic and deploy vaccines that many want to end the country’s long coronavirus nightmare. Does not show patience. In a new poll, 42% of Italians said they didn’t understand what caused the latest government sector.


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