Explanation of Adam Driver’s “Last Week Tonight” Scream

If you get confused at random Adam driver Shout at 2021 Emmy Awards Don’t worry, Sunday, September 19th, you are not alone.

For HBO fans Last week tonight with John Oliver But it was just a hilarious callback to a long-running joke.

in the meantime Received an Emmy Award For the excellent writing of the variety series on behalf of the show’s writers Last week tonight Writer Chrissy Shackelford gave a special nod to a 37-year-old woman. Marriage Story Star.

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“And finally, I would like to dedicate this award to Adam Driver,” she said in a rather harsh tone. “He knows what he did, and we know what he wants him to do.”

The line got a lot of laughter, including a hearty laugh from her boss John oliver, 44, Shackelford and several on stage Last week tonight“The hottest writer” for the sixth consecutive year of victory in the show category.

It’s a cheeky joke, but the dedication of a thirsty driver is very much in the brand of the weekly midnight comedy series that we regularly mention. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkers An actor in the process of a pandemic.

It started in August 2020 when Oliver talked to the driver about the then president, “Crushing my chest, you’re a huge load-bearing one.” Donald TrumpPromise to build border barriers.

Adam Driver Strange 2021 Emmy Awards Dedication John Oliver 2

John Oliver (R) and the “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” team teamed up for outstanding writing and prominence in the Variety series at the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards for LA Live in Los Angeles on September 19, 2021. Won the award of the Variety Talk series. , California. Crispizzello / Invision / AP / Shutterstock

The running gag was escalated over the next few months, as the comedian randomly asked. Annette The stars are “sneezing a pensive bison,” “peeling a large unwashed buffalo from their toes,” “crushing their larynx, awkward rocks,” and “pulling their hearts out of their ears, a fleshy oak tree.” And so on. — All of this sounds pretty painful.

Adam Driver Strange 2021 Emmy Awards Dedication John Oliver 3

John Oliver and Adam Driver in the episode “Tonight with John Oliver last week”. YouTube

It came to my mind in November 2020 when the driver appeared at the Season 7 finale and called for “a strange and weird bit that pulled me in for some reason.”

By the end of the episode, Oliver promised he would stop at dangerous non-sequiturs. “Consider this bit. It’s over,” the host insisted. Still, his writers didn’t seem to be able to help themselves, and Oliver, who also won the Emmy’s outstanding variety talk series, seemed to understand their dilemma.

“I noticed him last year. I don’t know if we noticed him,” Oliver said behind the scenes at the Emmy Awards. Entertainment Weekly.. “If he’s angry with it, that’s what we’re looking for.”

Your movement, the driver. Your movement.

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Explanation of Adam Driver’s “Last Week Tonight” Scream

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