Extensive Internet outages affect major websites

Major websites such as the UK Government, The New York Times, CNN, the Financial Times and the Guardian were not accessible to many users on Tuesday morning.

by Downdetector.comSites such as Etsy, Hulu, PayPal, Reddit, Twitch, and Twitter, which track internet interruptions, have also reported issues.

Many of the affected sites seem to have recovered in less than an hour.

The outage was connected to Fastly, a cloud computing service provider that many companies use to improve the speed and reliability of their websites. Fastly then stated on its website that the issue was identified and fixed.

Fastly is working on a technology known as the Content Delivery Network. This is a highly distributed network of servers used to reduce the distance between servers and users and speed up website loading.

This technology is believed to improve reliability by distributing website delivery across many locations rather than relying on a central data center. Fastly asked for comment on Tuesday, but didn’t respond immediately.

Widespread Internet outages are less common today than a few years ago, as Google and other major tech companies are developing interconnected data centers to improve performance, but last year there were many incidents. Has occurred.

During December Google service Calendar, Gmail, Hangouts, Maps, Meet, YouTube crashed for about an hour. The company attributed this issue to an “authentication system outage.” And in January, Slack, a popular workplace messaging platform used by millions of people around the world, will prevent users from sending messages, loading channels, calling, or logging in to services. I experienced a great deal of confusion.

Extensive Internet outages affect major websites

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