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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-12-03 05:04:33 –

last year, Here at extra pointsI wrote about my hatred for the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

This preceded the annual rival basketball game with my alma mater, Marquette University.

Immediately after the editorial, I received countless tweets, emails, and messages from badger fans across the state, blaming my opinion and immaturity.

And you know, what? You were right. My comment was immature. Opinions were not experts.

People make mistakes in this industry.

They learn. They grow up. I will come to you generously for your forgiveness.


I will not do it!

You really went.

I still look down on the school to the west.

I do not like it?

Put me in the box as Mikapotter should have done to Justin Lewis last December.

Maybe I’m a misguided soul.

Maybe I have an impressive feeling of inferiority.

Or maybe you love sports.

I said last year. I’ll say it again.

Rivalry makes sports great.

You are supposed to choose the side. You should be proud when you win. You will feel embarrassed if you lose.

So on Saturday, whoever you support, and hopefully it’s Marquette, give me humor again: accept hatred.

Hatred is all we love about sports.

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