Exxon CEO accuses Congress panel of lying about climate science | Environment

Chief Executive Officer Exxon mobileDarren Woods was accused of lying to Congress on Thursday after denying that the company had concealed its own research on oil’s contribution to the climate crisis.

For the first time, Woods and the heads of three other major oil companies Asked under the oath At a parliamentary hearing Industry long campaign To hurt and deny evidence that fossil fuel burning caused global warming. All four executives declined when they were forced to make certain pledges or end lobbying for climate change initiatives.

House Oversight Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney put pressure on Woods about what his predecessor, Exxon CEO Lee Raymond, said. From airtightness. ” In 2002, Exxon advertised in The New York Times Call climate science “unsolved”..

Malone told Woods that Exxon’s own scientists had repeatedly warned the company about the threat of burning fossil fuels until the 1970s.

“There is a clear contradiction between what the CEO of Exxon said in general and what Exxon scientists had personally warned over the years,” she said.

Woods denied that Raymond or Exxon had misled anyone.

“I don’t agree with the contradiction,” he said.

Maloney said the answer reminded him of “another hearing in the tobacco industry.”

“They said they didn’t believe that nicotine was addictive. Well, it turned out that they lied. Tobacco nicotine was very addictive. And now you We’ve heard from you that publicly reported science, whose executives are denying climate change, internally said that it was a reality, “she said. Told.

“So you didn’t look like the tobacco industry and wanted to lie about this.”

Head of American operations for other oil companies – Shell, Chevron BP – We also stuck to resisting pressure to admit that we misrepresented climate science and deceived the masses.

Each said they recognize that global heating is a reality and a major challenge. But executives have taken it seriously and are trying to reduce greenhouse gases by funding industry groups that are spending millions of dollars on lobbying against stricter environmental legislation. Did not accept that it was weakening.

“We accept the scientific consensus,” said Michael Wirth, CEO of Chevron. “Climate change is a reality. The proposal that chevron engages in disinformation and misleads the general public about these complex issues is simply wrong.”

The oil and gas industry, which spent about $ 100 million on political lobbying last year, was strongly supported by many Republicans on the committee who tried to distract by blaming Joe Biden’s energy policy. ..

Carolyn Maloney, chair of the House Oversight Committee, will speak in a hearing about the role of fossil fuel companies in climate change. Photo: Jacquelyn Martin / AP

Republicans called their witness Neil Clubtree, who said Biden had lost his job as a welder within three hours of becoming president because the Keystone Pipeline was cancelled. .. Crabtree was used to portray Biden as colluding with China and Russia against the American oil industry.

The Commission’s top Republican, Congressman James Comer, questioned the legitimacy of the investigation. He said the Commission should spend time investigating the treatment of inflation in the White House, illegal immigrants, and the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

At hearings intended to focus on false information on climate, some Republicans openly questioned the urgency of the climate crisis. Congressman Clay Higgins called the hearing an “internal threat” because the American lifestyle was built on oil.

Another Republican apologized for Mr. Maloney’s infringement of his right to freedom of speech, and their company “no longer directly or indirectly to oppose efforts to reduce emissions and deal with it. He said he pressured him to promise, “I won’t spend money.” Climate change “.

None of the executives made a direct promise.

Maloney gave a hearing Secretly recorded video Exxon’s lobbyist by Greenpeace earlier this year described the oil giant’s support for the carbon tax as a public relations effort aimed at stagnating more serious measures to combat the climate crisis.

“How did Exxon react?” Maloney asked. “Did they clean up about this shocking act? No. Mr Woods called McCoy’s comment inaccurate, and then they fired him. And they apparently did with tobacco executives. I’m lying as it was. “

Maloney accused the oil company of continuing to cover up, including hiding documents.

“To be clear, we are the beginning of this investigation. We guarantee that we will not stop until we reach the truth,” she said.

Oil executives have maintained a near united front, but Rep. Ro Khanna, a key critic of the oil industry on the committee, said with the European company Shell. BPWas working on production cuts while US companies Exxon and Chevron intended to increase drilling in the coming years.

Mr Worth said his company would increase oil production while reducing carbon admission.

The hearing also questioned the leaders of two powerful lobby groups accused of acting as Big oil front organization, American Petroleum Institute and United States Chamber of Commerce.

Khanna said the API was heavily funded by oil companies as it resisted expanding its electric vehicle infrastructure and opposed Biden-backed methane rates, including a flood of ads on Facebook. ..

Kanna in turn challenged oil executives to either resign from the API over their position in electric vehicles or instruct them to stop opposition to methane prices. All of them refused to do so.

Exxon CEO accuses Congress panel of lying about climate science | Environment

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