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(LaVonda Brown has created an app that takes eye photos to determine drug and alcohol levels, inspired by a personal experience with an alcoholic loved one. Photo by EyeGage)

Metro Atlanta businessman La Vonda Brown started her company Eye Gage last year, just as the pandemic began.

Inspired by his personal experience with his loved ones and his technical experience as an engineer, Brown created an app that takes eye pictures to determine drug and alcohol levels. This app is meant to be used by the general public to access alcohol levels to determine if they need to use ride sharing.

Brown, who holds multiple degrees from Georgia Institute of Technology, hopes to work with high-risk companies that use the app to reduce accidents at work, such as construction and transportation companies. She also said her company is in the research and development stage. ..

During college, Brown studied eye behavior and used technology for educational purposes to determine how using technology could affect the eyes. With her app, scanning a photo of someone’s eyes can show mild cognitive impairment based on the scanned image.

“I knew someone who had problems drinking. At the same time, I was studying eye behavior. Sometimes I noticed that person’s eyes were red, shiny, and slow to respond.” Said Brown. “That’s why I wanted to do eye tracking. For those who are heavily influenced by drugs and alcohol, I felt this was a very promising market for starting my company. Disease and drug addiction can tear the family. I want to help. “

Brown finds it easier to see alcohol levels from his app or phone than to hear from others. That is how to develop an eye gauge. She says it’s a great app for people with drinking problems and those they influence.

This app is a data collection app currently available for I-Phone at Apple. The app allows people to share photos and videos of their eyes. The app also tells you if you need to call Uber. She is currently negotiating a software license to make the app available to Android users. Another feature of this app is the so-called “friend gauge”. This feature allows accountable partners to share information and see eye gauge results. The app also displays eye health information.

According to Brown, the app may not be useful to people who have exceeded their drinking limits (.08) or who are drunk and in total darkness. This app is suitable for people who are not legally drunk and is suitable for use to see how much a person has a disability.

“This app is for calm eyes and affected people who want to share information with eye health,” Brown said. “Safety is a concern for people in the workplace who fly planes and trains. For example, UPS can use an app for truck drivers to determine if it’s okay to drive. In the future. , The app will be available on all phones and will be a feature of phones such as Apple Health and Google Health. “

Eye Gage App Determines Drug and Alcohol Levels with Pictures of the Eyes Source link Eye Gage App Determines Drug and Alcohol Levels with Pictures of the Eyes

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