FAA gives airport $ 1 billion for terminals and upgrades – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2022-07-07 08:58:09 –

The Biden administration says it will spend about $ 1 billion to upgrade airports across the country.

The Federal Aviation Administration said Thursday that money would go to 85 airports. The project will include $ 60 million to upgrade the terminal and bag handling system at Denver Airport and $ 50 million for Logan Airport in Boston and Orlando International Airport in Florida.

Major airports in Detroit and Philadelphia each earn more than $ 20 million to refurbish toilets. The grant is the first installment of $ 5 billion in airport spending included in the huge infrastructure bill signed by President Joe Biden last year. Secretary of Transportation Pete Butigeg is touting spending, saying that American airports need it.

The Associated Press reported that more than 500 airports have applied for a total of $ 14 billion in grants.

Upgrades occur when demand returns to pre-pandemic levels.

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