Faccia Brutta and Bar Pallino open this week on Newbury Street – Boston, Massachusetts

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Faccia Brutta’s menu is inspired by the Italian coast, and Bar Pallino offers a light meal menu focused on naturally produced wines.

Veteran chefs Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonnet have uniquely devised traditional coastal Italian recipes, using local vendors and ingredients.

Veteran chefs Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonnet’s new restaurant and bar, Faccia Brutta When BarparinoWill all open on May 24th at 278 Newbury St.

“We have a reservation on May 24th, so it’s better to be ready,” Bisonnet told

“I’m just paying attention to the wind,” he joked a week before the opening. “No, seriously, we are ready.”

While Faccia Brutta’s menu is inspired by the Italian coast, Oringer and Bissonette have their own recipes, looking to local vendors and ingredients.

The opening menu is bright with a crude section containing rhubarb with apple and rhubarb pickles inspired by “time spent in Venice” and a black bass crude inspired by “raw fish dishes eaten in Sicily”. It will be fresh. “

Chefs Jamie Bissonnet and Ken Oringer outside Newbury Street’s Fatchabruta.

The snack section has bread contemate, crispy bruschetta made from Brookline’s clearflower bakery bread, and the vegetables section has crispy pumpkin flowers and fried artichokes.

According to Bisonette, there are two large “table” dishes. Farmers Market Salad — “Because it’s only 75 yards from Copley Square’s Farmers Market,” some whitish, like raw vegetable appetizer platters, crewdite style, and roasted pepper marinated in wine vinegar. thing.

Homemade pasta includes bucatini with bay shrimp, pine nuts and saffron, and pansotti stuffed with Swiss chard and ricotta cheese.

“This dish is common in Liguria, but is usually served with pesto, finished with brown butter, fiddleheads and walnuts,” said Bisonette.

“It’s very important,” he added. “We also have a separate gluten-free pasta kitchen so you can be sure it’s clean.”

One of Faccia Brutta’s dishes

Desserts include the classic Italian donut Bonbolon — Faccia Brutta’s boasts rhubarb and lemon verbena jam. Homemade gelato and sorbet, like many of the menus, change in taste depending on the season.

The interior of Faccia Brutta has a central bar and is equipped with custom lighting fixtures.

“They are huge weld metals and look like stained glass,” Bisonette said.

Also included is a royal blue chaise lounge paired with a natural wood-finished chair with mustard yellow cushions.

Faccia Brutta, which means “ugly face” in Italian, and Bar Pallino, a wine bar focused on light meal menus and naturally produced wines, are expanding the JK Food Group of Oringer and Bissonnette.

Other restaurants in the group include Tapas Bartolo in Spain on Washington Street, Italian-themed Coppa on Shomat Avenue, and Little Donkey, a global fusion seafood location on the central square of Cambridge. Olinger also owns Uni at the Elliott Hotel in Back Bay.

Vegetable appetizers feature raw vegetables, crewdite style, and blanched like roasted pepper marinated in wine vinegar.

Chef Brian Rae, a five-year veterinarian at Coppa, will be responsible for the kitchen. JK Group Beverage Director Jodie Battles has stepped up as a partner for Bar Pallino and Faccia Brutta. Former Seaport Bar Drink Yan Brown was brought in to run a lively cocktail program.

“He created a great Spritz section, which is great for this summer’s patio,” said Bisonette.

Faccia Brutta is open Tuesday to Thursday from 4pm to 10pm. From Friday to Saturday from 4 pm to 11 pm, Barparino is open every night from 5 pm to midnight.

Faccia Brutta and Bar Pallino open this week on Newbury Street Source link Faccia Brutta and Bar Pallino open this week on Newbury Street

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