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Face-to-face lessons continue at LBCC while government monitors increasing COVID-19 cases – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2020-11-20 01:28:10 –

Long Beach City College has not made any decisions regarding face-to-face lessons for the rest of the semester. The curfew begins Saturday in the purple layer counties throughout California and bans mandatory work and rallies from 10 pm to 5 am the following month. Graphics by Rene Trujillo Jr / Viking News

Long Beach City College has not yet suspended its face-to-face course as managers continue to monitor increasing cases of coronavirus in Long Beach and Los Angeles County.

Courses that are considered mandatory and cannot be converted to online formats such as welding and nursing continue to operate on campus, with nearly 2,500 students enrolling in such courses.

Los Angeles County reported 5,031 new cases as of today, and Governor Gavin Newsom urged the county to issue a limited curfew in the purple layer, which is believed to be widespread.

The following month, from this Saturday, non-essential work and meetings will be banned from 10 pm to 5 am.

Forty-one of the 58 counties in the state are currently located in Purple Tier, which is considered widespread.

LA County has remained a purple tier since the introduction of the tier system in August.

Within the past week, 37% of cases have skyrocketed in California.

Marlene Drinkwine, Vice President of Business Affairs at Long Beach City College, said mandatory labs will be postponed if safety guidelines require that face-to-face courses be suspended, as in March when the original curfew was issued. Said. ..

Students enrolled in these courses completed them in the summer.

“We learned how creative and witty our faculty are, and we were able to develop several different approaches to the lab to enable courses that are not available on campus. It will continue to be really reliable. Of course, their expertise, creativity and understanding must be done in a safe campus environment. There are several parts to these important labs, and those parts are reopening. Will be postponed to a future point in time when allowed, “drink wine said.

Drinks Wine said that current plans to support the reopening of critical labs will be released shortly, but they are an ongoing process and could happen for months.

On Wednesday, Torrance’s El Camino College announced that it would postpone all face-to-face lessons until it was considered safe to return home.

Regarding Long Beach City College, Drinkwine said he hopes “we will be able to achieve that by the end of the semester.” It’s a very fluid situation. I think we all rely on each other to uphold safety orders and slow their spread. And the more you can do that as a community, the more likely you are to continue to operate in a very limited way. “

Drinks Wine said the school is taking a strict approach to complying with current safety orders.

“We have a lot of Plan B … in case you have to stop working on campus.”

For students whose learning courses have been delayed or stopped due to a pandemic, Drinkwine leverages the flexibility of the Prime Minister’s Office, along with accreditation standards and institutions that oversee the completion of various learning courses. Said.

Drinks Wine said it hopes this flexibility will continue to be leveraged.

“I understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of difficulty for all students, and as a district, we continue to look for resources to help our students tackle these challenges,” she said. It was.

The spring semester sport hasn’t been decided yet, but discussions are ongoing.

According to Drink Wine, the Athletics team participates in state-wide discussions and conferences on how to safely resume athletics activities.

“It was a challenge that some of the neighboring counties allowed us to proceed with conditioning when we didn’t,” she said.

“But there are some plans on how to safely resume some of these activities at the moment they are allowed to resume, and those plans are one with the plans of all the different athletic associations. Therefore, there is a great interest in ensuring that all students and staff are safe and healthy, but to ensure the importance of athletics in students’ academics and the safety of sports today. I understand what needs to change in a situation, “drink wine said.

Reviving sports relies on public health orders, and schools will need guidance from public health authorities involved in athletics, Drinkwine said.

Drinkwine said the face-to-face plans for next summer and fall semesters will be announced at least a few weeks ago.

“Under the guidance of COVID-19 progression, vaccine progression and, of course, public security and public health authorities, we will see how it progresses,” said Drinkwine.

“I am truly grateful for the incredible responsibilities of all faculty and students. It was a very smooth process for everyone to comply with the measures. And that is the belief of the faculty and staff who support those students. It was done through an incredible amount of team support work, so it was as successful as the process might have been considering the situation, “Drinkwine said.

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