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Facebook announces shop tools in UK and Canada

Facebook has announced new shopping features in the UK and Canada with the advent of “shop” bookmarks that allow users to browse the virtual storefront.


This feature is designed to help businesses, from the largest brands to small one-person operations, connect with their customers. The new Facebook shop not only inspires daily shopping through a collection of products carefully selected by sellers who have shops on Facebook, but also allows any company to open a virtual storefront.

“Merchants are already on Facebook and InstagramBut now, Facebook Shop offers the ability to set up a virtual storefront for free for any business, whether it’s a major global brand or someone who sells handmade jewelry from the living room. ” Said the company.

Facebook also said that about 85% of consumers around the world shop online to some extent. And this fact is very important as the company continues its long-term move from communication tools to a much more commercial-focused business that could undertake online shopping giants such as Amazon and eBay. is.

The Facebook shop was launched in the United States last year. Currently, in the UK and Canada, users have shop tools in their bookmarks (on the app) and menu bar (on the desktop) to help improve the visibility and convenience of their sellers.

New developments also add tools for sellers, including design tools and options that make it easier to create create shops.

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Facebook announces shop tools in UK and Canada

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