Facebook asks independent supervisory board to finalize Trump’s account

Facebook wants an independent supervisory board to decide whether former President Trump should regain access to his Facebook and Instagram accounts. Facebook defended the decision to suspend Mr. Trump indefinitely as “necessary and correct.”

Social media companies expect Thursday to confirm the company’s decision to lock Trump’s account after Mr. Trump uses the platform to incite violent mobs in the U.S. Capitol He said he was doing it.

“Given its importance, I think it’s important for the board to consider it and make independent decisions about whether to support it,” Facebook’s Vice President of Global Affairs Nick Clegg wrote in a blog post. writing.

Facebook states that the supervisory board is independent and the final decision will not be overturned by anyone else in the company. According to Craig, Trump’s account will remain suspended while the case is being considered.

Jamal Greene, one of the four co-chairs of Facebook’s 20-member oversight committee, told CBS News: Green, a law professor at Columbia University, said the board has a 90-day limit to hear the case, but “I don’t expect it to take that long.”

The oversight committee was formed last May and heard the first case in the fall. Its members are based around the world and consist of lawyers, professors, journalists and human rights activists. It also includes former Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt.

“The Trump case has been taken up in the first 10 cases considered by the board so far,” said Emma, ​​head of the Center for Democracy and Technology’s Freedom of Expression project. Lanso said.

“It will be very important to understand what the board takes into account when giving their views and what they can expect from them in the future,” she adds. I did.

According to Green, the board will review the content posted by Trump, consider the reasons for Facebook’s suspension, and determine whether the decision was made in accordance with Facebook’s community standards, corporate value, and international human rights law. I will.

Starting next week, the general public will have the opportunity to comment on the case, and Trump can also submit a statement to the supervisory board.

“It’s important that the board’s decisions are independent, and that it’s important to consider not only what Facebook tells them, but all the various comments they receive from the public,” Lanso said in an interview. ..

“This is far from the problem we encountered in the United States, and it will be important for the board to understand it beyond the context of the United States. These policies on the issue of high-ranking politicians of this kind. Says inflammatory, and maybe even incites offline violence in many different situations around the world. “

A committee of five members will be assigned by the board of directors to hear the case and give a final opinion. This includes dissenting opinions. According to Green, the decision doesn’t have to be unanimous, and once the results are announced, Facebook will have seven days to implement it.

According to Llansó, the board has only been running for a few months, so addressing this early-focused case can provide important insights into the ability to function independently of Facebook. We plan to test our ability to balance different perspectives.

In addition to Mr. Trump’s account decision, Facebook is also seeking broader policy recommendations from the Board on the suspension of users who are political leaders.

Facebook’s reaction to the board’s policy recommendations is carefully watched as a sign of physical strength and independence.

“If Facebook can take these recommendations seriously and incorporate some of them, it will signal that Facebook is seriously considering what the board says,” Llansó said. It was.

Dan Patterson and Gisera Perez contributed to this story

Facebook asks independent supervisory board to finalize Trump’s account

Source link Facebook asks independent supervisory board to finalize Trump’s account

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