Facebook broke efforts to curb the hate speech explosion prior to the Capitol attack

Internal document revealed FacebookBefore and during the January 6 Parliament riots, attempts to curb hate speech and the outburst of false information were unsuccessful and distressed employees.

As in mid-January, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg downplayed the idea that social media networks played a major role in the event. US Capitol Raid, Claims that it is “mostly” organized on other platforms.

The document was disclosed to U.S. regulators and provided to Congress in a form edited by Facebook. Whistleblower Frances HaugenLawyer. A consortium of news organizations, including the Financial Times, has obtained an edited version received by Congress.

Since the company has faced the biggest public relations crisis since, these are just a few of the thousands of notes from within Facebook that are expected to be reported in the coming days. Cambridge Analytica Scandal..

Earlier this month, Haugen testified in Congress that Facebook routinely chooses benefits over user safety. Disregard harm It can cause society. She will also attend the British Parliament on Monday, just before the company reports its third-quarter earnings.

Between 2020 electionsFacebook has implemented safeguards to “outlaw” the process and reduce the visibility of content that encourages violence. These were turned off after the November 3 vote, but on January 6, the company scrambled to “break the glass” and turn on emergency measures again.

However, some people are too few or too late. By 2:00 pm on January 6, Facebook still turned on certain proposed measures when rioters began fighting police on the steps of the Capitol building and broke through the doors and windows of the U.S. Senate. One document showed that it did not.

This included preventing groups and pages on social networks from being renamed to terms such as “Stop the Steal.” This is a move inflated by the use of mass group invitations by a core band of connected conspiracy-minded users.

Facebook points out that some of these “lever” have been turned off, including limiting live video that the automated system has flagged as election-related.

However, in a complaint to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Hogen argued that some measures had revived “only after the riot broke out.”

Another Facebook document first reported by news site BuzzFeed shows that groups such as Stop the Steal were able to achieve “rapid growth.” About 30% of the invitations came from just 0.3% of accounts such as those of far-right activists Ali Alexander and Amy Kremer.

Some documents indicate that employees have expressed concern about the inability to flag and prevent collaborative efforts such as Stop the Steal. “After the Parliamentary rebellion, we noticed that individual outlawing groups, pages, and slogans make up a cohesive movement,” read an article. The coercion is “fragmented” and “there is a lack of the single source of truth,” the researchers lamented.

However, in another post-riot assessment, one memo identified a dangerous story, but employees were waiting for approval from Facebook’s policy team to combat false information. He pointed out that there was a delay in the construction and implementation of emergency measures.

Meanwhile, some Facebook staff were armed. In a discussion with Facebook’s internal workplace network with post-riot chief technology officer Mike Schroepfer, one employee said: I came here hoping to influence change, but all I saw was atrophy and abandonment of responsibility. Tired of fatigue. Another person said: We must demand more action from our leaders. ”

Joe Osborn, a Facebook spokeswoman, said:

“The pre-election, intra-election, and post-election phased introductions and coordination of additional measures took into account signals on specific platforms and information from ongoing regular involvement with law enforcement agencies. “When these signals changed, so did the measures,” he said, adding that “it was wrong to argue” that these measures were due to January 6.

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Facebook broke efforts to curb the hate speech explosion prior to the Capitol attack

Source link Facebook broke efforts to curb the hate speech explosion prior to the Capitol attack

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