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Tampa, Florida 2021-10-04 12:27:02 –

New York (AP) — Facebook falsely after Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in last year’s elections in a money-making move claiming last year’s whistleblowers contributed to a deadly invasion of the US Capitol Prematurely turned off safeguards designed to stop information and turmoil.

Francis Hogen, a whistleblower and former Facebook product manager, also said that the 2018 change to Facebook’s news feed would bring people closer in an exclusive interview aired Sunday on CBS’s 60 Minutes. Together they claimed to have contributed to the disruption and malicious intent of the seemingly created network.

according to Associated Press, Haugen previously worked for Google and Pinterest before working for Facebook in 2019.

After losing a friend in an online conspiracy theory, Hogen demanded that he work in the field of a company that fights false information, AP reported.

“Facebook has shown that it is choosing profit over safety over and over again,” Haugen said in an interview with “60 Minutes.”

After the election, Mr Hogen said Facebook had disbanded a unit on the integrity of the citizens she worked for. dangerous. “

Haugen is set to testify before Congress this week.

Facebook argues that Haugen’s claim is misleading and that there is no evidence to support the premise that it is the main cause of social polarization.

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