Facebook extends ban on political advertising after election days to reduce “opportunities for confusion and abuse”

Facebook, a social media giant, has said it will stop posting issues and political ads to reduce “opportunities for confusion and abuse” after voting ends on election day.

Steps to protect the integrity of the 2020 elections were reported by CBS News’ Jamie Yuccas less than a month before people headed for the November 3 poll, and the company supported Trump’s conspiracy The day after banning groups to do QAnon..

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Talked to Gale King, co-host of “CBS This Morning” During September The platform will take on the role of the company “seriously” during the elections.

Billionaires are increasing pressure to monitor and manage political content. At the time of the Zuckerberg interview in September, Facebook had banned new political ads a week before the election. The ban extends to all political ads even after the vote is over and has no end date.

Zuckerberg said he wanted the campaign not to use the platform to declare victory prematurely, or argue that continuous voting means that the election is fraudulent.

“I think it’s dangerous,” he said on September 3. “I think it’s like outlawing elections, and I think it can risk people getting into the streets and cause public anxiety. I think elections are very problematic.”

Another new policy in the future will show ads in so-called “military languages”. Other ads It appears to be designed to intimidate electoral voters and has been removed from the site. However, such ads that already exist on the platform will not be removed.

“They have created most of the monsters they can’t tame, and are currently working hardest,” said Nicholas Thompson, editor-in-chief of Wired.

Thompson believes Facebook executives are facing pressure from employees and the media to take action to better manage the platform’s political content.

“They are worried that our democracy will be destroyed in some way, and they don’t want to play that role,” he said.

Facebook’s political ad ban has been relatively delayed — fellow tech giant Alphabet, Inc. In September, its subsidiary Google announced that it would block election-related ads indefinitely after the vote was over. twitter And TikTok have already banned all political advertising.

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