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Facebook revenue is primarily based on the delivery of relevant ads, which requires you to stay online. One way to do that? religion.

And religious content is very popular on Facebook.

According to researchers, the four most shared links on US platforms in 2020 were Christian-based content, and the top links related to the Bible and coronavirus were played about 62 million times.

According to Facebook, one of the most popular links on the platform in the second quarter of 2021 was the website it sells, repp’n’forchrist.

Christian goods. The link to that page has been clicked more than 51 million times in three months.

Facebook has created several tools for religion-focused Facebook groups, including prayer features. Users can create prayer posts and seek help from fellow users who can respond with the “Pray” button.

Religious leaders tell Newsy that these tools help connect the religious community. However, they may also be too accustomed to sharing deep and personal issues with people and worry about the privacy concerns that accompany them.

Father Bobstec, Rector of the Catholic Parish of St. Ambrose, said, “If you read Facebook and see all these things people are posting, are you really posting everything? That’s not always a good thing. It shouldn’t be hidden, but it’s probably not the best to publish. “

Stec also hoped that Facebook’s digital tools helped keep people connected during a pandemic, but that social media complemented the experience rather than replacing it with a face-to-face religious experience. I told Newsy that I was out.

This story was originally reported by Tyler Adkisson on Newsy.com

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