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Facebook paying discrimination lawsuit fine – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-10-19 21:23:18 –

Facebook fined $ 4.75 million and up to $ 9.5 million to resolve the Justice Department’s allegations that it discriminated against US workers in favor of foreigners with special visas to perform high-paying jobs. Is paying qualified victims.

Facebook also announced a settlement on Tuesday with a permanent labor certification program that trains employees on non-discrimination rules and allows employers to hire foreign workers to work permanently. Agreed to offer extensive advertising and recruitment of employment opportunities.

The ministry’s civil rights department is a group that includes U.S. citizens and citizens, asylum-granted people, refugees, and legal permanent residents for positions reserved by social network giants for temporary visas. Holders who have stated that they have “daily refused” to recruit, consider, or hire US workers.

Facebook has sponsored a “green card” visa holder that allows them to work permanently. So-called H-1B visas are a staple of Silicon Valley and are widely used by software programmers and other employees of major US technology companies.

Critics of practice argue that foreigners will work at lower wages than US citizens. High-tech companies claim that this is not the case. They rely on foreigners because they struggle to find qualified programmers and other engineers who are US citizens.

“In principle, Facebook is doing good things by applying for a green card to workers, but it also learned how to game the system to avoid hiring US tech workers,” said immigration law and policy research. Said Daniel Costa, director of the company. A liberal-oriented economic policy research institute. “Facebook began working to modify the system to suit its tastes in 2013, when a comprehensive immigration bill that passed the Senate was being negotiated.”

The terms of the settlement, announced on Tuesday, are the largest civil punishment and repayment rewards the civil rights sector has ever collected in its 35-year history of enforcing anti-discrimination rules under the Immigration and Nationality Act. Said. Reimbursement will be given to those who are deemed to have been unfairly denied employment.

The government said Facebook deliberately created an employment system and denied qualified US workers the fair opportunity to learn and apply for jobs aimed at temporary visa holders.

“Facebook is not beyond the law and must comply with US Federal Civil Rights Act, which prohibits discriminatory recruitment and employment practices,” Kristen Clark, deputy prosecutor, told reporters in a conference call. Told. “A company cannot secure a specific position for a temporary visa holder due to citizenship or immigration status.”

Facebook has also agreed in another settlement with the Ministry of Labor to expand recruitment of US workers and undergo ongoing audits to ensure compliance.

The company, based in Menlo Park, California, said it believes its practices meet government standards. He said he had agreed to a settlement, closed the proceedings and proceeded with a permanent labor certification program. This is called an important part of the “overall immigration program”.

In a statement, Facebook said, “These resolutions will continue to focus on hiring the best builders from the United States and around the world to support the internal community of highly skilled visa holders seeking permanent residence. It will be like that. “

The proceedings were filed against Facebook by the Justice Department under the Trump administration last December. The alleged breach is said to have occurred between at least January 1, 2018 and at least September 18, 2019.

This announcement will be made during a period of intense public discomfort and scrutiny of Facebook.

Public allegations and testimony to Congress from former Facebook data scientists that the company has ignored internal investigations showing harm to children have sparked public protests and demanded stricter government oversight of the company. Former employee Frances Haugen has accused Facebook of prioritizing profit over security and being dishonest in the public fight against hatred and misinformation.

The company is also awaiting a federal judge’s decision in a grand antitrust proceeding filed by the Federal Trade Commission. Critics and lawmakers from both parties are calling for the dissolution of the megacorporation.

This story was originally Newsy.com.

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