Facebook says it has rejected 2.2 million ads trying to block votes in US elections | Technology

Facebook’s vice president Nick Clegg said Facebook and Instagram’s total of 2.2 million ads were rejected and 120,000 posts were dropped in an attempt to “block votes” in the next US presidential election.

In addition, a warning was posted on an example of 150 million false pieces posted online, the former Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom told the French weekly magazine du Dimanche on Sunday.

Facebook is stepping up efforts to avoid repeated events leading up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election, where Donald Trump won when the network was used in an attempted fraudulent election from Russia. ..

There was a similar issue prior to the 2016 referendum on Brexit.

“35,000 employees manage the security of our platform and contribute to elections,” said Craig, Facebook’s Vice President of Global Affairs and Communications.

“We have established partnerships with 70 professional media outlets, including five in France, for information validation,” he added. AFP is one of those partners.

Clegg added that the company also uses artificial intelligence that “allowed the removal of billions of posts and fake accounts, even before they were reported by users.”

Facebook has also stored all advertising and information about funding and sources for seven years “to ensure transparency,” he said.

In 2016, he was still Deputy Prime Minister, but Craig complained to Journal du Dimanche that Facebook had not identified or suppressed a single foreign network interfering with US elections.

On Wednesday, Trump accused Facebook and Twitter of blocking links to articles in the New York Post that claimed to expose corrupt deals by Ukrainian election rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

In the light of a coronavirus pandemic that social media giants have “emphasized the importance of preventative health behavior,” Facebook announced a day ago a ban on ads that discourage people from being vaccinated. did.

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