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Donnie O’Sullivan, CNN Business

(CNN)-Facebook sells ads promoting anti-vaccine messages, compares US government reaction to Covid-19 with Nazi Germany, questions the outcome of the 2020 elections, and even political violence. Is being promoted.

Ads are served by commodity companies that have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook over the past few years.

Fox News personality Lara Logan on Monday Caused anger By comparing Dr. Anthony Fauci with the infamous Nazi doctor known as the “Angel of Death” — almost at the same time advertisement I was originally from the United States, but now I live in Germany in 1941. I ran on Facebook promoting a sweater decorated with the words.

another advertisement Vaccine deployments were compared to the Holocaust — falsely and ridiculously, implying that they are part of an attempt to slaughter people on a large scale.

This ad was placed by a Facebook page named “Ride the Red Wave”.The page was run earlier this year advertisement For a T-shirt with the words “Make the hanging traitor great again”.

Facebook has earned more than $ 280,000 from ads posted by “Ride the Red Wave” since May, according to data reviewed by CNN. This page has less than 10,000 followers, but by paying Facebook, the people who run the page could reach millions of Americans.

Another page, Next Level Goods, run by another company has spent more than $ 500,000 on Facebook ads since 2019. The company regularly uses Facebook to promote anti-vaccine T-shirts.

Buy one ad In late August, I advertised a T-shirt with the words “Proudly non-toxic” next to the syringe image. The company paid Facebook about $ 2,500 to reach up to 450,000 Facebook users with anti-vaccine ads. According to Facebook data, ads were most viewed by Facebook users in Texas, Florida, and California.

A spokesperson for Facebook’s parent company Meta compared the US Covid-19 response to Nazi Germany, the vaccine to the Holocaust, and ads suggesting that the vaccine is toxic violates Facebook’s vaccine misinformation policy. Said.

However, given that these offending ads were run on that platform, Facebook’s detection system seems to have missed them.

CNN also asked about an ad that said “make the hanging traitor great again,” but Facebook doesn’t say the ad broke that policy.

Publicly, Facebook advertises its alleged positive role in encouraging Americans to be vaccinated. Guy Rosen, Vice President of Conscientiousness, said I wrote a blog post In July, he accused President Joe Biden of claiming that platforms like Facebook were killing people.Biden Retreat later From the complaint.

Laura Edelson, a researcher at New York University People tracking ads on Facebook have told CNN that they don’t manually check every ad they sell. This is one of the reasons why ads that violate the rules can be run on the platform.

Facebook also appears to have a lighter touch moderation approach to ads from seemingly commercial pages, such as pages selling T-shirts, compared to pages related to political campaigns. She said.

“Very powerful rhetoric printed on T-shirts is much more common than seen in straight persuasive ads,” she told CNN.


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Facebook sold ads comparing vaccine to Holocaust | News Source link Facebook sold ads comparing vaccine to Holocaust | News

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