Facebook suspends efforts to build Instagram for kids

Adam Moseri, Facebook

Beck Diffenbach | Reuters

FacebookFaced with intense criticism from lawmakers and users about plans to develop Instagram for children, announced on Monday that it would suspend work on the project.

“We believe it’s right to build Instagram Kids, but Instagram and its parent, Facebook, will reassess the project at a later date. Temporarily, Instagram will continue to be a teenager safe. Focuses on expanding parental supervision. Features for teens, “the company said in a statement.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri said the app is aimed at children aged 10 to 12 years.

Pause comes after explosives The Wall Street Journal Report Showed Facebook Found repeatedly Its Instagram app is harmful to many teens. The Journal quoted a Facebook survey over the last three years that looked at how Instagram affected the young user base and how teenage girls were most significantly affected.

According to one of Facebook’s internal presentations, 13% of UK users and 6% of US users tracked the issue on Instagram among teenagers who reported suicidal ideation.

The report has reintroduced lawmakers’ concerns about social media apps. Immediately after the news was reported, representatives on both sides of the aisle asked Facebook for an answer. D-Mass. Lori Trahan also called on Facebook to abandon Instagram for the efforts of the children.

Antigone Davis, Global Head of Security for Facebook, Testify Before the Senate Trade Subcommittee on Consumer Protection on Thursday.

Facebook has Repeated defense Efforts to attract more children to the app.Moseri Insisted In the blog post early Monday, the kids are already online.

“Instagram Kids critics consider this to be an admission that the project is a bad idea. It’s not. In fact, kids are already online and specially designed for kids. We believe it’s far from developing an experience that’s suitable for different ages. It’s better for parents than we are today. ” Instagram will suspend work to address concerns with parents, experts, policy makers and regulators.

Instagram will also work to extend parental controls to teenage accounts.

“These new features that parents and teens can opt in provide parents with tools to meaningfully shape their teens experience,” Mosseri said.

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Facebook suspends efforts to build Instagram for kids

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