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Canberra, Australia (AP) — Facebook announced on Tuesday that it would lift the ban on Australians sharing news after agreeing with the Australian government on a bill to force digital giants to pay the price of journalism.

Treasury officials Josh Frydenberg and Facebook have confirmed that they have agreed to amend a bill requiring social networks and Google to pay for the Australian news they feature.

Facebook’s cooperation is a major victory in Australia’s efforts to pay the price of journalism used by the two gateways to the Internet. After the House passed the bill late Wednesday, the company blocked Australian users from accessing and sharing news last week.

Amendments to the proposed law will notify you one month in advance before the digital platform is officially designated under the code. It will give them more time to mediate the agreement before they are forced into the binding arbitration arrangements required by the proposed law.

Initially, Facebook’s news blockade, at least temporarily, blocked access to government pandemics, public health, and emergency services, causing public anger.

The deal will allow the company to choose which publishers it supports, including small and local publishers, according to a statement on Tuesday by Campbell Brown, vice president of news partnerships at Facebook.

“We will restore the news on Facebook in Australia in the next few days. In the future, the government will retain the ability to decide whether the news will appear on Facebook and will not be subject to compulsory negotiations. We have made it clear that we will do it, “says Brown.

Frydenberg described the agreed amendment as a “clarification” of the government’s intentions. Negotiations with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg are “difficult,” he said.

“There is no doubt that Australia was a global proxy battle,” Frydenberg said.

“Facebook and Google aren’t hiding the fact that they know the world’s eyes are on Australia, so they tried to get the code that could be executed here,” he suggested. Added mentioning the media negotiation code.

The code was designed to curb the dominance of Facebook and Google negotiations in negotiations with Australian news providers by requesting a safety net for negotiations in the form of an arbitration panel. Digital giants can’t abuse their overwhelming bargaining position by offering take-it-or-leave-it payments to news companies for journalism. In standoffs, the panel makes binding decisions about the offer to win.

Belinda Barnet, senior lecturer at Swinburne University of Media, said the proposed amendment would guarantee Facebook time to close the deal before the arbitration committee decided on the price of the news.

“The fix keeps the integrity of the media code intact,” Peter Lewis, director of the responsible technical center of the Australian Institute, a think tank, said in a statement.

Google also threatened to remove the search feature from Australia because it said the proposed law was infeasible. But the threat has diminished.

Through its news showcase model, Google has content licensing agreements with Australia’s largest media companies.

The platform states that it uses the model launched in October to handle more than 50 Australian titles and more than 500 publishers worldwide through showcases.

Facebook said it plans to negotiate with an Australian publisher under its own model, Facebook News.

William, Facebook’s Regional Managing Director, said: “Many changes address major concerns about allowing the Australian Government to recognize the value it offers to publishers compared to the value it receives from publishers. I’m happy to agree to the guarantee, “said Easton.

“As a result of these changes, we are able to drive investment in public journalism and restore Facebook news for Australians in the coming days,” Easton added.

Facebook to lift its ban on Australian news after legislation change Source link Facebook to lift its ban on Australian news after legislation change

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