Facebook whistleblower tells her story in front of the US Senate | Facebook

former Facebook Employees who accuse the company of making more money than safety will bring her terrible accusations to Washington when she testifies to the US Senator on Tuesday.

Frances Haugen, 37 years old, Came out before On Sunday, he put more political pressure on the tech giant as a whistleblower behind a series of harmful reports in The Wall Street Journal. Haugen told news program 60 Minutes that Facebook’s priority is to make money rather than do good things for the general public.

“What I’ve seen many times on Facebook is that there was a conflict of interest between what’s good for the general public and what’s good for Facebook. And Facebook is over and over again, more. I chose to optimize for my own benefit, such as making money on Facebook, “she said.

Haugen is expected to tell lawmakers that Facebook faces little surveillance and will urge Congress to take action. “No one is responsible as long as Facebook operates in the dark, and it will continue to make choices against the public interest,” she wrote in her written testimony.

Haugen was asked to testify in front of the US Senate’s Commerce Subcommittee about the risks that its products pose to children.Members of the Diet, Facebook Damage caused by the Instagram app For teenage mental health and happiness. One study with a leaked study estimates that 30% of teenage girls feel that Instagram has exacerbated their dissatisfaction with their body.

She is expected to compare Facebook to the big big cigarettes that resisted telling the public that smoking is detrimental to consumer health. “The government took action when it realized that the tobacco company was hiding the harm it caused. When it turned out that wearing a seatbelt was safer for the car, the government took action. I woke it up, “writes Hogen. “Please do the same here.”

Haugen argues that Facebook’s closed design means no oversight, even from its own oversight board, a regulatory group established in 2020 to make decisions independent of Facebook’s corporate leadership. ..

“If you can’t look at Facebook’s actual system and see that Facebook’s system works as they say, it’s like seeing the Department of Transportation driving on the freeway and regulating cars. “She testified. “Imagine that the regulator can’t get in the car, raise the wheels, do a car crash test, or know that a seatbelt may be present.”

Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal, whose commission is holding a hearing on Tuesday, Said In the Washington Post’s Technology 2020 newsletter, lawmakers also ask Haugen about her remarks about the 2020 presidential election.

Hogen claimed in the 60th minute that after Joe Biden won the election, Facebook prematurely revived an old algorithm that emphasized engagement over everything else. January 6 Attack on Parliament Building..

“As soon as the elections were over, they either turned them off or put the settings back in order to prioritize growth over security, and it really was like a democratic betrayal to me. I feel, “she said.

After the election, Facebook also addressed issues related to political elections around the world and disbanded Hogen’s civil team integrity team. Facebook states that team functionality is distributed throughout the company.

After working in the technology industry such as Pinterest and Google for over a decade, Haugen joined Facebook in 2019 as a product manager for a civil integrity team.

The hearing on Tuesday will be the second in just a few weeks, focusing on the impact Facebook has on children.Last week, Congressman Antigone Davis grillAccused Facebook of being a global safety officer and focusing on growth “on a daily basis” over child safety.

Facebook is actively challenging the accusation.

On Friday, Nick Clegg, vice president of policy and public relations for the company, wrote to Facebook employees prior to Hogen’s public affairs. “Social media has had a huge impact on society in recent years, and Facebook is often the place where much of this debate takes place,” he said. “But the evidence there simply doesn’t support the idea that Facebook, or more generally social media, is the main cause of polarization.”

Facebook called on a federal judge on Monday to revoke a revised anitrust proceeding filed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) seeking to force giants to sell Instagram and WhatsApp.

Facebook whistleblower tells her story in front of the US Senate | Facebook

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