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(AP) – From the next day Deadly January 6 Riot Former US Capitol Of President Donald Trump Social media accounts are silent — quarreled for inciting violence using the platform as an online megaphone.

On Wednesday, his fate Facebook, The largest social platform around is determined. The company’s quasi-independent supervisory board will announce its decision around 9 am Eastern Standard Time. If it decides in Trump’s favor, Facebook has seven days to recover the account. If the board supports Facebook’s decision, Trump will remain suspended “indefinitely.”

Politicians, freedom of speech experts and activists around the world are closely watching this decision.It has meaning as well Playing cards But for tech companies, world leaders, and people across the political spectrum, they have a fiercely conflicting view of the proper role of tech companies in regulating online speech and protecting people from abuse and misinformation. There are many people who are.

After years of dealing with Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric with a light touch, Facebook and Instagram took a dramatic step in January to silence his account. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said when he announced an unprecedented move, the risk of allowing Trump to continue using the platform was too great.

“The shocking events of the last 24 hours have left President Donald Trump in office to undermine the peaceful and legitimate transfer of power to his elected successor, Joe Biden. It clearly shows that he intends to use the period, “Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook page in January. 7.

The day before the announcement, Trump announced a new blog on his personal website, “From Donald J. Trump’s Desk.” This page contains a dramatic video that claims “the light of freedom rises” and praises “a place to speak freely and safely”, but this page is a display of Trump’s recent statement. It’s just that. It was easy to share on Facebook and Twitter, the platforms that banished him after the riots.

on the other hand Playing cards The aide has spent months teasing plans to launch his own social media platform, his spokesman Jason Miller said the blog is something else.

“President Trump’s website is a great resource for finding the latest statements and highlights from his first term, but it’s not a new social media platform,” he tweeted. “In the near future, additional information will be provided on that front line.”

Locked out of social media, Trump has embraced other platforms to deliver his message. He frequently interviewed friendly media outlets and emailed a series of statements to reporters through his official office and political parties.

Mr. Trump even says he prefers to speak over previous tweets, often describing them as more “elegant.”

Facebook Created a watch panel to manage nasty content on the platform in response to widespread criticism that it is difficult to respond quickly and effectively to false information, malicious language, and malicious influence campaigns. Did. The decisions so far (all nine) have tended to favor freedom of expression rather than content restrictions.

In the first ruling, the panel overturned four of the five social network decisions to remove suspicious material. Facebook has ordered the restoration of user posts that the company states have violated standards for adult nudity, malicious language and dangerous individuals.

But Facebook critics are worried that the supervisory board is just a distraction from the company’s more serious problems.

“Facebook sets rules, is a judge, judge, executor, and controls its own Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. The decisions they make are our democracy, national security, and biosecurity. Can’t be left to the in-house theater of the absurd theater, “said Imran Ahmed of the Digital Hate Countermeasures Center, a non-profit organization critical of Facebook. “Whatever the decision tomorrow, this blunder shows why big tech democratic regulation is needed.”

Gortam Hans, an expert on technical law and free speech and a professor at Vanderbilt University, said the structure of the supervisory board was “a frustrating, little sideshow due to the bigger policy and social issues about these companies. That’s it. “

“Facebook is trying to create an accountability mechanism that, to some extent, undermines government regulation and legislative efforts,” Hans said. “Well, if another company decides, we just outsource the decision to a quasi-independent body. That’s considered ridiculous.”

Facebook will decide whether to reinstate Trump’s account Wednesday Source link Facebook will decide whether to reinstate Trump’s account Wednesday

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