Facebook’s ban on playing cards is upheld, but panel order reviews

Facebook Inc. was justified by suspending then-President Donald Trump, the company’s independent supervisory board, earlier this year. Dominate wednesdayBut if you decide to keep him out of the social media platform forever, you need to better explain why.

The oversight committee has given Facebook six months to decide whether Mr. Trump should be banned permanently, clarifying the rules for prominent individuals more clearly, and forcing the company to formulate penalties for violators. Appointed. He sharply criticized the company for not stating clear rules and explaining how to enforce them.

Facebook has set up a supervisory board to independently award difficult issues regarding content moderation. However, Wednesday’s decision essentially returned the ball to the company, saying it was not the role of the board to set policies for social media platforms.

The board’s ruling can most immediately approve the choices approved by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and can have widespread impact on how tech companies crack down on political speeches. Alphabet Inc.’s YouTube, Twitter Inc., and other social media platforms Also deleted the then president After accusing him of inciting a deadly riot at the US Capitol on January 6. It was after Mr. Trump, who filed an unfounded claim that the November election was stolen from him, urged his followers to go to the Houses of Parliament as lawmakers proved President Biden’s victory. came.

“By maintaining an unfounded story of fraudulent elections and a call for lasting action, Mr. Trump created an environment where the risk of serious violence could arise,” Facebook’s board said. Stated. “At the time of Mr. Trump’s post, there was a clear and imminent risk of harm, and his words of support for those involved in the riot justified their violent behavior.”

Facebook’s ban on playing cards is upheld, but panel order reviews

Source link Facebook’s ban on playing cards is upheld, but panel order reviews

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