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Facets of Faith: Newsboys singer finds silver lining in shutdown and fun performing with the frenemy | Faith – New Orleans, Louisiana

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After almost two years of Christian band tours, South Louisiana is flooded with shows.

Among the celebrities is a step-in-to-the-light tour with Newsboys, Mandisa, Weir Messenger, and Cade Thompson at the River Center on October 24th. Tickets are sold at the following locations:

Newsboys lead singer Michael Tait recently talked about the band’s tour and latest album, and of course, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Tate, the band initially thought it would be abandoned for a couple of months, but “early summer, we’ll be back on it. It didn’t happen. Maybe midsummer? It didn’t happen. It did. The end of summer. It didn’t happen. Maybe autumn. It didn’t happen. Maybe Christmas. It didn’t happen. Maybe January. It didn’t happen. Then I think. “What is my god?” Is that happening? “And I think maybe God is retreating, maybe he’s pulling apart in America. Maybe he’s angry with America. “

Mr. Tate said the idea changed to “re-sowing at this time.”

He said it wasn’t perfect for everyone to be trapped, but “I had the opportunity to really make a record for the first time when I settled down. Since the” new “record (2010). , I didn’t actually write a Newsboys record. “

In the meantime, Tate said he would have a chance to write lyrics ideas and here and there. “But there really wasn’t a pitiful and sad time for the band leader.”

He said that the current project involved others, but “I started writing executive producers, producers, and almost everything.”

He said the pandemic gave the band time to “make songs.”

“We had time to get it right. When the lyrics really don’t make the point clear, we have time to go back and rewrite the lyrics,” Tate said. “You know, this was definitely a divine moment, and I believe, the silver value of the COVID cloud for me, readjusting myself with my beliefs and creators, my creative It was to write a record called a “stand” using a lot of energy. “

He has said it has been his favorite since he joined Newsboys 11 years ago.

The album, released on October 1st, contains 10 songs, and Tate said: A record with legs (to create). That is, you can hear it over and over again. “

Tait said he created a song related to where people are, but “it wasn’t just all the sackcloth and ashes. It was a lot of encouragement.”

Includes some songs:

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“Magnetism”: “Even if we can separate, (God) constantly pulls us back to him, because that is what the great God does …. God loves us so much. So pulled. It pulled me back from the brink of complete destruction several times, so I wrote about it in a song. “

“Blessing son Blessings”: “I have a breath in my lungs. I have food on the plate. I have a wonderful thing to thank God …. We whine and moan, (say) we They, they, they got this what they don’t have. Wow. Thank you, Jesus. “

“Beautiful”: “I can’t be your god. I can’t be the perfect Christian leader … in fact, I’m human. I’m frustrated, you’ll do that too, but That’s all about grace …. How does “cleanness” speak … 1 John 1: 9 says he is faithful and just forgives us when we confess our sins. I am. And those things forgive us, and their grace is new every morning. You wake up to what God says, “I messed up yesterday. I messed it up. I messed up badly. But as your grace is. It’s new that day, so I’m not sticking to it … Start anew and wipe my slate clean, God. ”

Newsboys shows are high energy. In the past, this group was known for spinning drum sets. And Tate said Baton Rouge “will see the Newsboys show.” … We say we imagine the service of a fiery black Baptist church mixed with the MTV-VH1 Video Music Awards show. “

Regarding himself on stage, Tate said: That’s what saved my life, I have to share it. … I just love them and say. “Hey, this worked in my life. I wrote a song about it. Maybe you’re in this place. You might want to check this out and try this out.”

In addition to the Newsboys, Tate is also the lead singer of another iconic Christian band, DC Talk.

“It’s strange that DC Talk and the Newsboys were enthusiastic at the time,” he said with a laugh. “Who knew I would be a Newsboys frontman? You want to talk about God working in a mysterious and naughty way. It’s fun. Years ago. Like, they (Newsboys) came to America for the first time, DC Talk took them on tour, and we became friends, but now, more than 20 years later, I’m the best I didn’t know I was on the front line. “

“In the face of lead singer changes that could ruin the band and set up a downward spiral, the core staff continue to commit … (in this case) it happened to work,” Tate said. rice field. I can’t believe it. “

The future includes a Christmas single that Tate sings as a crooner.

“I’m essentially a crooner … you’re a crooner or a stylist,” he said, describing Mick Jagger as a stylist for those who like to sing “big ballads.”

He said the Newsboys are planning a spring tour, but he couldn’t share the details. The band also has a deluxe album in their work.

Tait ended up talking about his favorite moments from two well-known bands.

“Working with Billy Graham was one of my favorite things I’ve ever done. I’m Toby (” Mac “McKeehan) and Kevin (Max Smith). It was a great moment. “

He said it was “because they were little black kids in DC … they came to Billy Graham live. For me it was cool and cool at the time. I worked with him on DC Talk for many years. I was doing it tonight on a crucifixion tour with my son Franklin Graham at Flagstaff, Arizona. We’re crossing the state and doing a God Loves You tour. It’s pretty cool. “

Facets of Faith: Newsboys singer finds silver lining in shutdown and fun performing with the frenemy | Faith Source link Facets of Faith: Newsboys singer finds silver lining in shutdown and fun performing with the frenemy | Faith

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