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Facing new disciplinary probe, Baton Rouge policeman in feud with chief says he’ll retire | Crime/Police – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2022-06-24 18:30:00 –

With veteran Baton Rouge police officers Police Chief Murphy Paul’s Voice Critic He suddenly retired and told city officials that if he remained in the army, he would be “completely defeated” by a “groundless accusation” leveled against him by police brass.

BRPD put Sgt.John Dortier Paid leave earlier this weekHis lawyer said he was not given an explanation for the reason. A BRPD spokesperson said the case was an “open administrative issue.”

In a message to members of the East Baton Rouge Metro Council, Dortier said he was not ready to leave law enforcement, but the “endless scrutiny” of his actions tired him.

“Unchecked power, which can cause investigations and unfounded accusations to constantly fall on talented employees, will ultimately destroy people,” he said in a letter to the council. Stated. “I decided to give up my still-loved career and devote my life to it before it completely broke.”

Paul denies allegations that he is unfairly disciplined — repeated accusations in a long feud with Dortier and some other general officers, especially members of the City Police Union.

At the heart of the controversy is The battle for discipline and reform After Alton Sterling died in the hands of a BRPD officer, Paul promised to enact.

A 22-year-old BRPD veteran, Dauthier has recently emerged as one of Paul’s most vocal and relentless critics within the Baton Rouge police force.

At a discipline hearing at the Baton Rouge City Civil Service Commission, which considers the discipline inherited by police and firefighters, the chief was involved in controversial hours of debate. During those spats, the chief and his advocates claimed that tensions were caused by a small but loud number of officers who had problems with his disciplined approach.

But his critics say, like Dortier, the chief is armed with the department’s internal discipline process to chase after officers who disagree with him. Due to the split, board hearings could last for as long as 14 hours in a clash between an officer’s union-funded lawyer and Paul’s taxpayer-funded lawyer.

Dauthier’s leave was just the latest discipline he faced from BRPD Brass.

Paul said last year that he violated BRPD’s policies, including the use of force, when a police officer accidentally appeared in the wrong house during a medical phone follow-up. The chief demoted Dortier from sergeant to corporal in this case. Cliff Ivy, Dortier’s lawyer, claimed to be in retaliation for Dortier, who had publicly criticized the chief in the past.

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It was after Dauthier demanded an independent investigation into whether Paul and his administration violated both departmental policy and criminal law by allegedly mishandling internal investigations. ..

Paul then claimed that it was Dortier who actually retaliated — by requesting a civil servant’s investigation in a question about his actions against his own troops.

In a letter to the Civil Service Commission requesting an investigation, Dortier said he was working in the BRPD Interior Department when Paul took office in 2018, but the administration introduced a “clearly partial doctrine.” Shortly after that, I requested a transfer to a street patrol. To implement the BRPD policy. “

Dauthier himself was recently elected to the Civil Service Commission after a former BRPD representative who had his own turbulent history with internal discipline. Stop frustrated with internal conflicts that dominate the board’s business..

The situation has not been stable since Dauthier joined the panel in recent weeks. And with his retirement, the board could become even more seriously dysfunctional and run out of quorum.

At the May meeting, the Civil Service Committee voted without discussion to suspend its longtime clerk and records manager, saying she was guilty of “disobedience and job performance issues.” did. Meanwhile, a clerk’s lawyer claims that Board Chairman Brandon Williams and another director are sitting on other public committees in the Parish of East Baton Rouge. This violates the law governing the Civil Service Commission.

Meanwhile, Williams is also facing a call for resignation from the Baton Rouge Police Union. This argued in a letter last week that the history of Williams’ arrest meant that he could not justify police discipline.

Williams told Advocate last week that he “will not go anywhere.”

In his letter on Friday, Dortier argued that the timing of his leave was due to a court decision last week when the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeals ruled BRPD. Internal discipline record must be handed over Dauthier requested.

Chauna Banks, a member of the Metro Council, thanked Dautier for his service after telling the council on Friday that Dautier would leave BRPD.

“This is a very difficult letter to read and I was very sad,” she said in an email. “I don’t know what happened, and there is always’my, their side, and the truth in the middle’.”

Facing new disciplinary probe, Baton Rouge policeman in feud with chief says he’ll retire | Crime/Police Source link Facing new disciplinary probe, Baton Rouge policeman in feud with chief says he’ll retire | Crime/Police

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