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The percentage of Americans who “never receive” the COVID-19 vaccine has been relatively stable since 2020. Also, when President Joe Biden announced a thorough vaccination mandate, the daily number of vaccinated people fell to near a low point.

Still, former President Donald Trump and his son Eric said that Biden’s inauguration caused a surge in vaccine hesitation, and “people had a record number of vaccines” until Biden fulfilled his vaccination obligations. He has confided in the history of revisionism.

of interview Along with Fox News’ Sean Hanity on October 18, Eric Trump claimed that Biden “actually scared America about the vaccine” for the order.

Eric Trump, October 18: In other words, my dad was making a vaccine. By the way, people were taking it in record numbers. And one of the things I think Biden did just terrible by pushing things into the American throat. He scared America about a vaccine that didn’t actually happen under my father. People were getting a record number of vaccines, but you see these obligations, and you see them just blocking it to Americans. And don’t force anything on Americans or educate them, as you know, but don’t force things on Americans. Americans are not in that society. They want to live a free life. Sean, that never worked. It never worked.

As a disease control prevention center COVID data tracker As shown, the maximum number of doses given daily occurred in April.

The number of daily doses increased steadily in the months following the first vaccination Delivered Some states released their general qualifications earlier than others, but Biden on April 6 Instructions All states that make the vaccine available to all adults by April 19th. 7-day average The peak daily dose received was close to 3.5 million on April 11. The maximum daily amount of 4.5 million times occurred on April 1. These are records.

After these record highs, the number of daily vaccinations steadily declined in July when it leveled off. The seven-day average in mid-July fell below 500,000 per day and again exceeded 850,000 per day in late August. By early September 63% of Americans They had been vaccinated at least once and about 54% were fully vaccinated.

But at Biden, people weren’t “taking it in record numbers.” Presentation Drastic efforts to require vaccination on September 9 Federal workers, Large employers and medical staff. In early September, the number of highly infectious delta variants was on the decline. Increased COVID by 19 cases — Mainly among unvaccinated people. The seven-day average daily dose was just over 650,000 on the day Biden announced these obligations. This is far from the record level for April.

“Many of us are dissatisfied with about 80 million Americans who have not yet been vaccinated, even though the vaccine is safe, effective and free,” Biden said. Said. “We have been patiently waiting, but our patience has diminished, and your refusal has sacrificed us all.”

Biden has instructed the Ministry of Labor to develop an emergency rule requiring all employers with more than 100 employees to be vaccinated or tested at least once a week.He also published Executive order All federal personnel are required to be vaccinated, except those who wish to undergo regular examinations and opt out.

Also, after requesting vaccinations from all nursing home workers who previously treated patients enrolled in Medicaid or Medicaid, Byden made the requirement to everyone working in hospitals, home care facilities, and other medical facilities. Enlarged.

But, as we said, the number of daily vaccinations slowed long before Biden announced their obligations.

Meanwhile, the former president said in an interview on Fox News on October 7, when he was president, “everyone wanted a vaccine.” Oh yeah, I don’t want to take it. ” No one said that. Now they say so. And that’s because they don’t trust the Biden administration. I can’t think of any other reason. In fact, surveys show little change in the percentage of people who said they would never get the vaccine before and after Biden took office.

poll More than a month before Mr. Trump resigned, the Kaiser Family Foundation in December 2020 said: It is available for free and has been considered safe by scientists. Vaccine hesitation is highest among Republicans (42%). “

About 15% of the total population that month answered They would “never” get the vaccine, including 25% of Republicans. These percentages remained fairly constant in the monthly polls until September.

“There were no signs that vaccine hesitation increased over time.” Liz Hamel, Vice President and Director of Public Opinion and Research at the Kaiser Family Foundation, told us in a telephone interview. “It’s pretty remarkable. We rarely see anything that remains stable over time.”

Hamel compared December 2020 with September 2021 that vaccines were not available when the December survey was conducted, and recent surveys have shown that licensed and approved vaccines are widely available. Therefore, I warned that it was not a “apple-to-apple” situation.

A significant decrease over time is the percentage of people who said “wait and see” before vaccination. That percentage was 39% in December, but dropped to 7% in September.

Between December and September, about one-quarter to one-fifth of Republicans consistently expressed resistance to vaccination. And Hamel said these Republicans weren’t driven by cash bonuses or other incentives to encourage vaccination.

The result of KFF is Survey conducted by the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania, FactCheck.orgParent organization. In May 2020, during President Trump’s term, 18% said there was “no chance” of getting a vaccine that would protect people if the coronavirus became available. A similar percentage (18%) reported that Biden was similarly reluctant in the April 2021 APPC survey, when the vaccine was widely distributed by the president.

According to the latest APPC follow-up survey conducted in September, 12% are “not at all” likely to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Therefore, the delegation of vaccine-resistant people has decreased slightly.

Trump needs to know how well-established supporters of this vaccine repellent are.Former president was booed at Rally In Alabama on August 21, after he recommended his supporters to be vaccinated.

“I fully believe in your freedom, I do,” Trump said. “But you have to do what you have to do, but I recommend, take the vaccine. I did. It’s good. I’ll vaccinate, but you … [some in the crowd boo].. No, it’s okay. fine. You got your freedom. However, I happened to get the vaccine. “

But, as we said, polls show that the same vaccine hesitation existed both before and after Biden took office, especially among Republicans.

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