Fake COVID-19 vaccination cards and tests sold on the black market – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida 2021-04-08 05:32:53 –

Wesley Chapel, Florida — Disease Control Center Provides evidence to millions of people who have been vaccinated with COVID-19.

However, ABC Action News I-Team has revealed the expansion of the black market for counterfeit vaccination certificates.

A man living in the Tampa Bay area recently lost his job after being called online for trying to sell a blank CDC vaccination document.

“This is the greatest scientific achievement in the history of these vaccines being deployed,” said Brookper Markour, a tampa wedding and event planner whose sister is an epidemiologist.

Chur was so excited to get the COVID-19 vaccination that he proudly posted a photo on Facebook.

“We need to be able to get back to work. We need to be able to travel. I wanted to hug my parents,” Cool said.

Kuhl is one of the thousands who display CDC vaccination cards on social media, including winning lottery tickets.

For some, these 4×3 inch cards are just as valuable, and could allow people to get back to work, fly to certain locations, or board a cruise ship.

“In order for us to have freedom here in the United States or around the world, we may need a negative COVID test or proof of vaccine,” he said. Brian Linder, A new threat expert Check Point Software..

The topic of activities on the dark web

According to Linder, there are advertisements for counterfeit COVID test results and vaccination certificates. Dark web..

“There’s a lively activity out there, so why are people advertising there? Because they know people are coming,” Linder said.

Check Point Software

This is an advertisement for a counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination certificate sold on the dark web.

The dark web is like the wild wild west of the internet. In an unregulated market, consumers can use Bitcoin to buy bad things like drugs, child pornography, weapons, counterfeit documents and more.

“On the dark web, $ 25 negatives the COVID-19 test and $ 200 looks like a real CDC vaccine card,” says Linder.

cdc vaccine card.jpg

Check Point Software

CDC cards have been criticized by experts because there is no digital way to verify them like passports and driver’s licenses.

In addition to threatening public health, cybercriminals are making money from their customers by reselling their names, dates of birth, emails, and home addresses, Linder said.

He also warned against posting a photo of the card on social media, stating that it could also give criminals personal information.

Counterfeit vaccination documents are also available on mainstream websites.

Local man loses job on TikTok video

James Concur, 26-year-old Internet Marketing Specialist 13-05 Creative Tampa allegedly posted to TikTok that it sells CDC vaccination cards.

Another user of the site, Mississippi pharmacist Savannah Malm, posted a video calling him.

“Read the description. Selling an empty COVID vaccine card. DM me,” Malm said in her video. “James, do you think it’s wise to advertise that you not only forge medical documents, but also intend to distribute them?”

Malm deleted her video from TikTok, but it’s Repost on Twitter, Has been played over 210,000 times.

After posting 13-05 Creative Tweet “We are aware of the allegations against one of our employees. This employee was dismissed after completing a quick review of his actions.”

We contacted the company, but they declined further comments.

According to official records, Concur lives in a gated neighborhood in the Wesley Chapel. He has deactivated all social media sites since he was fired. We left him a message in his house, but he didn’t reply.

Long before Tik Tok’s post, James Koncar was considered a hero. When he was 19, Concur was named the first runner-up to the “Be More Positive Award” presented by ABC Action News.

Koncar was able to return it to the legitimate owner as more than $ 700 customers stopped by the grocery parking lot and handed it over to the manager.

“We are aware of this case, but we are not currently investigating this individual,” a spokesperson for Pasco County Sheriff said in an email statement regarding a recent allegation against Concur. Said.

A local FBI spokesperson said, “The FBI has not confirmed or denied the existence of the investigation, but is still committed to tracking people who abuse the COVID-19 pandemic to carry out fraudulent plans. I want to guarantee that. “

Unable to track CDC vaccination card

According to security experts, one of the reasons fraud is widespread is that CDC cards are prone to forgery and cannot be tracked like passports and driver’s licenses.

“We later came up with the idea of ​​allowing these vaccines to be digitally validated, so we did so in a hurry, and of course, as a country to complete these vaccines. “Linder said. “We plan to have hundreds of millions of vaccinations in a very short period of time, but I think catching up with that is a challenge now.”

President Joe Biden states that vaccine tracking is left to the private sector or the state.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a so-called ban “Vaccination passport” last week.

“I think this has a big impact on privacy. You don’t have to,” said Governor DeSantis.

Kuhl says people shouldn’t look for shortcuts when it comes to vaccination.

“It’s very important to protect your own health and the health of others,” Kuhl said, reminding people that getting a vaccine is no longer difficult and free.

I contacted the CDC to see if I plan to make changes to the card to reduce the chance of counterfeiting, but I haven’t responded yet.

If you have a story that you would like I-Team to investigate, please email us at the following address: adam@abcactionnews.com..

Fake COVID-19 vaccination cards and tests sold on the black market Source link Fake COVID-19 vaccination cards and tests sold on the black market

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