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Fake COVID-19 vaccine cards might present challenges for those requiring proof – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-08-04 00:24:21 –

Kansas City, Missouri — Initially, the 4 x 3 inch COVID-19 vaccination card was intended to act as a reminder for the next vaccination. But now Some Kansas City companies need vaccination proof, The card is the only way to display it-at least locally-.

Such Those businessesIncluding Hamburger Mary’s KC and Woody’s KC, are forced to rely on the honor system.

“It’s hard to tell because it can be copied and fake,” said Jeff Edmondson, managing owner of Mary’s KC and Woody’s KC. “But we don’t want people who are anti-vaxxers to go as far as trying to forge it.”

As soon as the vaccine was launched, a scam involving a vaccination card occurred.

Cyber ​​threat prevention expert Brian Linder said COVID-19 negative tests and vaccine cards are exploding on the dark web.

“On the dark web, $ 25 will negatively test for COVID-19 and $ 200 will give you a CDC, which looks like a real CDC vaccine card,” Linder said.

Last month, a 41-year-old California woman Be the first to face federal crime Vaccine card tampering.

“The use of government seals and the misuse of government seals is illegal,” said Bridget Patton, a spokeswoman for the FBI Kansas City division. Year in prison. “

Currently, there is no federal system for authenticating vaccination cards. This makes it easier for counterfeiters to authenticate.

When Kansas When Missouri Keep the immune registry, access is restricted.

The idea of ​​a vaccine passport in Kansas City Metro is unlikely after Missouri Governor Mike Parson Sign ban bill They and Kansas Governor Laura Kelly told her I have no plans to publish them..

If you find a fake vaccine card directly or online, Please report to the Directorate General of Inspection of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare also Make a complaint With the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center.

“Pretending to be vaccinated to go to a place of worship, go to a gymnasium, or go to school not only puts you at risk, but also puts others at risk. It will be, “Patton said.

Experts also said that people should not take selfies with real vaccination cards. If such personal information falls into the hands of a malicious person, it may lead to the theft of personal information.

Fake COVID-19 vaccine cards might present challenges for those requiring proof Source link Fake COVID-19 vaccine cards might present challenges for those requiring proof

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