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Boston, Massachusetts 2020-11-06 00:06:58 –

Officials in Chelsea, Massachusetts have warned the public after fraudulent documents threatened some residents with deportation.

A vigilant notice falsely claiming to be from the Department of Homeland Security targeted immigrants in the city. Police are telling residents that it is a scam.

“Clearly, there was some sort of fraudulent communication organized by someone or a group around,” said Brian Keys, chief of the Chelsea Police Department.

“It’s scary and crazy,” said resident Ibis Sanchez.

“The letterhead states that you will be taken away for reasons such as the Department of Homeland Security, a notice of removal, crossing borders, or staying here beyond legal visits. I did. Keith explained.

Some of the fake notices are: “We are monitoring you in your residence and employment. We will order you to leave the country yourself by October 31st, or have a SWAT team in place. Pull you out of your Chelsea Massachusetts. Residence. “

“There’s horror there, and the fact that someone gets something like this doesn’t reach out to law enforcement,” Keys said. “Some of these individuals here without status.”

The dates listed were sent before the election and may be an attempt to influence the outcome.

“I don’t know if it’s some kind of malicious motive, or if it’s just trying to harass a particular group of individuals, or a particular group of targeted individuals,” Keys said.

In a community with many immigrants, it caused strong emotions.

“I feel very sad,” Sanchez said. “I’m scared because when I receive the letter, I scare my family and worry about what will happen. It’s very scary.”

However, police guarantee the residents that they are safe.

“You can trust the Chelsea police. We work with members of the community,” says Kyes. “We do not enforce immigration law. It is beyond our responsibility.”

Authorities are still investigating who is behind these threats. If you have the information, we recommend calling the Chelsea Police Department.

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