Fallen Down Angels Release New Music with Plenty of History – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-10-21 15:07:03 –

in the meantime there It may be the debut CD by Milwaukee’s Fallen Down Angels. The history of David Thomas and John Riley goes back to the legendary Milwaukee club Starship and Zack.

Their musical adventure conversation turns into a false arrest for driving a stolen car across state boundaries. Police closed the concert in search of a suspected murderer. He works as a roadie for local punk pioneer The Haskels, alongside jazz legend Sun Ra and British band Magazine. And that was the first 30 minutes of our conversation.

Trio, Thomas on guitar, and vocals.Bass and vocal Riley and drummer Anthony Bella are celebrating the release of the CD thereSaturday, October 23, 9 pm at Concertina Beer Hall in Cochance Ski

Pandemic panic

When the pandemic broke out, they canceled the show on three different occasions in Milwaukee and Chicago. In a year when everything changed, things were put on hold and the band had to wait until now to release a CD.

The heavy sound of Fallen Down Angels, dominated by post-punk and American roots music, is a witty update to “Bucket of Love,” nodding in the past with Haskels’ “Dead mars Shoes” and “Bucket of Pabst” covers. Thomas has been playing for decades in bands such as The Boogiemen, Screamin’Lillies and Spade Cooley.

Riley said he and Thomas began playing in the drummerless trio Narcotix in 1977. After all these years, Riley still gets a kick from Thomas’s song. Today, the band’s practice space is the equivalent of a soundproof bunker and gallery for gigging posters that their band has been playing for decades. Are they really far from the Bayview Bank vault they once rehearsed?

In the early 80’s, The Kingdom, The Power, and The Glory discovered that Reilly and Thomas were working together to play experimental music such as drum machines, synthesizers, sequencers, and percussion. “Dixie Libyan pots and pan lids turned out to be perfect bells. You’ll get them at a thrift shop for a dime or a quarter. Bring a tuner and I want to tell you what it sounded like, “Thomas said. The band also carried the anvil on stage and used Morse code from the walkie-talkie. Kingdom, Power and Glory have been published in The Wall Street Journal everywhere.

Time is stopped

A few years ago, Thomas heard that the band was playing across from his house. It included Bella playing the drums and Thomas stuffing the drums. At that time, Thomas was reconnecting with Riley on a digital recording project. Eventually things shook and the trio became a band. They even brushed off the rust to perform a socially distant afternoon set in Thomas’ vestibule during a pandemic.

Song there An energetic, timeless, lean muscle slice of rock. “Thin Ice” provides an existential perspective, and “Anything / Everything” delves into persistent pop hooks. “Tear Down the Dam” is a chapter of neighborhood folklore set in music. Is Rock and Roll a Fountain of Youth? Fallen Angels may claim that it is an elixir. Forty-one years later, they may be crazy about something.

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