Falling cat saved at college football game – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-09-11 22:43:18 –

Miami Gardens, Florida (AP) —The most notable catch in the match between Miami and Appalachian State University on Saturday 22nd did not occur on the field.

It wasn’t soccer either. It was a cat.

The animal somehow entered Hard Rock Stadium and was then caught on one of its paws from the front of the upper deck. It eventually fell to a lower level in the stadium, Fans using the American flag as some kind of makeshift net were able to safely catch it before it was safely carried.

Craig Cromer, facility manager at the University of Miami and owner of the season ticket who brought the flag with his wife Kimberley, said: Each home game. “I was hanging there for a moment with two forefoot and then one foot. Then I thought,” Oh, it’s coming soon. ” “

It was then that Cromer took the flag off the tie he was using to hold it on the railing and wanted the best. The petrified cat fell, bounced off the flag a bit, and was eventually secured by some of the nearby student sections before being taken away by stadium guards.

The cat showed no signs of injury. Cromer was otherwise okay, except that it was sprayed by spilled drinks and hanging cats.

“The worst thing that has ever happened in a game,” said Kimberly Cromer.

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