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Fambrough: Rebuilding Broadmoor with a freshman-dominated squad provides glimpse of what could be | High School Sports – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Late Thursday night, at the Broadmore High football stadium, the lights turned on for the first time since Hurricane Aida. The storm repair was completed just in time.

Broadmoor was able to host a homecoming game on Friday. This was the first home game in a year at school. Yes, that was another loss — this time 56-14 to Livonia.

But another process continued. Vernon Langley, a first-year coach, began to see another kind of light shining through the player’s eyes.

This is usually a feature article. Includes those elements. As an opinion piece so that you can inject the truth of high school that is not much talked about.

Broadmoor (0-8, 0-4 in 7-4A area) recorded only 4 touchdowns. They were excited when Bacchus played against players from the Prakemine sub-national team later in the seventh week of the match. So did Langley and the other coaches.

“When they left the field, I told them it was great because these guys (sub-national teams) were their age,” Langley said. “I told them I didn’t know what they could do if they stayed in this.”

One enthusiastic player told Langley, “Wow, coach … then we got this.”

Langley knows that rebuilding a program is never easy. He tried it before.

The 33 Broadmoor roster has 18 freshmen and a limited number of senior students. These Buccane are determined to rebuild. This challenge is not new, it is understood by schools and governments.

Former North Central coach Jacoby Thierry was hired when Cyril Clutchfield left last spring to become Bogalusa’s head football coach.

Langley accepted a head football job during the summer and inherited a roster with less than 15 players. Langley previously served as two head coaches at his alma mater Glen Oaks. He was already on the Broadmore staff as a headtrack coach.

He called and knocked on the door. However, as is often the case with traditional public schools in metropolitan areas, the number of rosters increases once the school begins.

“Probably 50-60% of the people we came out on the team after school started,” Langley said. “And the freshmen … only one or two of them played youth league soccer. Those who played in junior high school said they played in sixth grade.”

Here are some truths about local football. Baton Rouge has a strong youth soccer program and has produced many great players. By the time top players reach junior high school, their career path to high school is often decided.

People love to talk about R-words like hiring. Many parents decide where their children go to school based on the success of their academic programs and exercise.

New schools, private schools, charter schools, schools with magnet curriculum or components, and community-based schools in nearby parishes are attractive and make up the majority of top players.

This hierarchy puts some schools at a disadvantage. Broadmoor is one of them, but there are others. Success produces success and so on. Broadmoor had a successful share throughout the 1990s. Legendary coach Rusty Price remains an athletic director, but their feats may be ancient history.

Langley is the latest attempt.

“One of the reasons I was hired was to try to regain some of that tradition,” Langford said. “I played against Rusty’s team for Glen Oaks, but they were tough like nails. Later, I worked in his camp.

“He will probably have a total of 50 guys on the JV team and will bring about 30 guys on Friday night. You turn around and come down the hill to you. I knew I would never stop. “

The next task is to convince more players to join the team and prevent young players from quitting or transferring. Both are usually failures to rebuild the program.

Once again, on Friday night, Langley won two TDs and saw the light in the eyes of the players as they played against the Livonia sub-national team.

Creating a program around the age of 14 is not ideal. Langley prefers it to relying on older players who are less likely to participate in the process. I considered playing the Subvarsity Schedule, but the idea was denied.

For now, Langley enjoys the first thing this team has experienced. And it’s not just TD. Last Friday, Buccane experienced a peplarly.

Langley then wore the Letterman jacket he found closest to him and wore it during the pre-match meeting. He wanted to show the player what they could earn. Most people have never seen a Letterman jacket.

Since Friday, seven or eight students have searched Langley to ask if they can join the team. He said so … but for next year.

“This team needs to get out of the story because it’s not just in tanks,” Langley said. “These kids are learning. They don’t want to rest for a week after the season. I told them I could join the track team and we will continue to work.”

Fambrough: Rebuilding Broadmoor with a freshman-dominated squad provides glimpse of what could be | High School Sports Source link Fambrough: Rebuilding Broadmoor with a freshman-dominated squad provides glimpse of what could be | High School Sports

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