Families gather for peace at Albuquerque rally – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico 2021-09-06 00:39:35 –

He met Benny three years ago and saw his potential.

“Whenever a kid comes to you and needs a little work, it’s a champion. It’s a champion. It’s not just the champion of life, it’s what the kid wanted to do in life. In all, “Aragon said.

He is sad with the family of Lawrence Anzles, who was shot dead in Ohoslocos last month.

“It shouldn’t happen. It shouldn’t happen to any family.” Lawrence’s cousin, Valerie Anzles.

A 16-year-old Gabriel Garcia family also came — to honor his memory.

Garcia was shot and killed at a party with her brother last weekend.

“We want to see gun violence diminish. This city is just getting worse. You always hear about it, and we have to confront. We have to do something, “Valary said.

The organization “Dukes Up Guns Down”, which hosted the Sunday night rally, and the organizers said they wanted to realize the potential power of the community to come together.

“We live here and know what type of people Albuquerque has because Albuquerque can get together when a tragic event happens. That’s happening today. That is. “

The Anzles family said they knew it could happen.

“We can be strong. We can defeat all of this violence. There are good people there, there are still good people, and we are together. Everything is fine if you continue. We must be strong for our family. Raise our children, “Valarie said.

Find the power to move forward and seek change.

“We are already in the rented time, life in this city is too short, and we have to make a difference,” Valary said.

Families gather for peace at Albuquerque rally Source link Families gather for peace at Albuquerque rally

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