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Families of Chinese tourists involved in Utah tour bus crash say roads to blame – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-09-15 17:06:57 –

Salt Lake City — A family of Chinese tourists who were killed or injured in a 2019 tour bus crash were unable to keep remote highways safe in state design and maintenance in a lawsuit filed Tuesday. It says that it was.

After the driver drifted off the road, more than 12 people were thrown out of the bus, overcorrected when he steered back and sent the bus to rollover.

The proceedings stated that the state did not post warning signs, had little room for error, and had road designs that did not include rumble strips to warn drivers.

The Utah Department of Transportation declined to comment.

US regulators have traditionally excluded highway designs, signs, and other characteristics as factors.

File – File released by the Garfield County Security Office on Friday, September 20, 2019. The photo shows a tour bus carrying Chinese-speaking tourists after a crash near Bryce Canyon National Park in southern Utah. Is shown. Up to 15 people were injured. (Sheriff Danny Perkins / Garfield County Sheriff Office via AP, File)

All 31 people on board were injured. According to reports on the day of the crash, 12 to 15 people on board were considered in danger immediately after the crash. Not everyone wears a seatbelt — this is common on tour buses.

The accident occurred on the seventh day of the 16-day trip and included visits to Yellowstone National Park, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas.

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