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Families of three Gretna girls sue Sarpy County over fatal crash | Nebraska – New Orleans, Louisiana

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A family of three girls in Gretna sued Sarpy County on Friday, accusing them of a flaw in the design of Platteview Road, especially because of their daughter’s death.

Three parents of a teenager who died in a 32-page proceeding — Abigail Bath, 16, Alexandria Minardi, 15, and Addy Shin Pfeiffer, 16 — Says the county wants to fix the Platteview Road on 180th Avenue, along with other parts of the county’s southern road. The family also asked the judge to declare an unconstitutional $ 5 million limit on the amount that government agencies could pay if determined to be responsible.

“The question is,’How many children must die on Platteview Road before Sarpy County can do anything,'” Omaha lawyer Mike Coil wrote in a proceeding. “Plaintiffs … hope that the verdict on Sarpy County will motivate county leaders to restore the area of ​​Platteview Road, where the girls of Gretna died.”

Mother Kloe OdermattA 16-year-old woman who died in an accident chose not to participate in the proceedings. Fifth teenage parents, Lone BrandonSurvived the crash, has not filed a claim against the county.

Coyle issued statements from five families on the eve of the second anniversary of the accident that destroyed the community. The girls were friends and popular students approaching their third year.

“Abby Bath, Alex Minardi, Adicin Pfeiffer, Chloe Odermatt, and Lone Brandon’s family keep in touch and support each other on a regular basis as they strive to find peace with this tragedy. And we continue to respect it, “said the statement.

The proceedings may be a fight.Sarpy County did not act Family tort claims, Submitted last year — and county insurers are expected to fight proceedings.

Under state law, a judge or jury must consider how liable each party is in a negligence case. In this case, if the judge determines that the berth he was driving is more than 50% negligent, her family will not be able to collect it against the county or other designated defendants. The family of the other two girls could potentially collect if the judge reduced their liability to less than 50%. The family also sued Ford, the maker of 2017 Fusion, where the girl was, and the company that Fusion built a guardrail off the road.

Sarpy County spokeswoman Megan Stubenhofer-Barrett said Friday he would not comment on the proceedings in dispute.

Immediately after the crash on June 17, 2019, the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office launched a criminal investigation into who provided alcohol to teens that night, but the investigation did not file any accusations. not.

Sheriffs say Bath was driving 90 mph in a 55 mph zone. All but one girl had alcohol in her system. Pfeiffer had nothing. According to sheriffs, Minardi’s blood alcohol level was 0.02% and Bath’s blood alcohol level was 0.09%.

The proceedings challenge law enforcement estimates that the car was traveling at 90 mph. However, Coyle did not provide another quote.

“Fusion was far from the speed reported by the sheriff’s office,” the proceedings said.

After leaving the road, Fusion began to rest in the canyon. A 911 call was made from Bath’s cell phone at 10:56 pm and said, “It lasted about 90 seconds. During that time, one or more women in Fusion tried to talk to 911 for rescue.” The operator could clearly not tell what was being said.

At 11:11 pm, a bystander called 911 and reported a major fire on the southwest corner of 180th Avenue and Platteview Road. Bystanders told the 911 operator that people were “screaming from where the fusion was burning.” At 11:25 pm, the fire brigade arrived and worked on “swallowing the fusion and extinguishing the fire that spread to nearby trees and brushes.”

Autopsy showed that two of the girls died from the impact and two died from smoke inhalation and burns.

The victim’s family arrived at the crash site shortly thereafter.

“Bath, Minardi and Pfeiffer’s parents tried to comfort each other at the crash site. That the daughters are still alive, this is all a misunderstanding, and that the teenage daughters go home with them. I was hoping and praying, “Coil wrote. “This pain, pain, pain is something that parents don’t have to endure. Parents don’t have to survive.”

While aiming for a state cap on the collection of damages, the proceedings say Sarpy County has insurance to pay for damages and attorneys’ fees incurred in the course of the proceedings. “Financial damages are … paid by Sarpy County insurers, not taxpayers.” A county spokeswoman said he believed the characterization was correct.

The proceedings allege that no deaths occurred if the county followed the consultant’s recommendations for improving Platteview Road.

The driveway usually runs west between Gretna’s Nebraska 31 and Bellevue’s US 75, dotted with hills and curves.

When the U.S. 34 Bridge was built over the Missouri River, regional planning officials wondered how it would affect traffic on the Platteview Road, and truck drivers were asked to interstate highways 29 and 80. I theorized that it would be used as a shortcut between. The investigation was requested through the county and the civil engineering company Olson of the Metropolitan Area Planning Bureau.

In 2014 and 2016, engineering companies recommended spreading and flattening the Platteview Road in several locations, including between 172 and 186th Avenues.

“The 180th Avenue area has several mountain and slack curves designed for speeds below 40 mph,” the report said. Olson recommended refurbishing the road, widening it four feet and equipping it with rumble strips at its ends. Such repairs were expected to cost $ 2.7 million.

The county did not make those changes. Pratte View Road is spreading from east to west in four lanes. The project is currently focusing on the eastern section of 108th Avenue, but the road will eventually expand to four lanes through at least 180th Avenue, says Stubenhofer-Barrett.

The proceedings state that the crossroads were another deadly wreck site involving teens. In December 2006, a teenage driver was driving at 101 mph. He crashed on 180th and Plattview Road — and the crash killed two Gretna teens.

The proceedings explain the pain and longing of the Gretna girl’s family. It has been named plaintiffs: Bradley and Amy Bath, John and Tonja Minardi, Justin and Wendy Pfeiffer.

“When they died, they couldn’t be with their teenage daughter,” the proceedings say. “They were by their daughters and couldn’t hold their hands to comfort them in the last moment.

“They were best friends with each other and there was a world in front of them.”

Authorities announced Thursday the names of four Gretona teenagers who died in this week’s car accident and the names of the fifth victim being treated at Lincoln Hospital.

She was a joke for a group of her close friends, her mother said.

Chloe was an avid athlete who started tumbling at the age of three, an outdoor adventure enthusiast who jumped on ATVs and jet skis, and a sweet speaker with a contagious smile.

Abigail Bath’s friends and family remember a small but meaningful moment this week after a car accident in Sarpy County killed her and three soon-to-be-juniors at Gretna High School.

Alex Minardi impressed his friends with her diligence and sense of humor. “She was very proud of everything she did to us,” her mom said.

She learned on Wednesday that she had lost her four best friends, the family said in a Facebook post by a community group.

The event will take place at the Good Shepard Lutheran Church in Gretna.

Four girls died on the scene. A fifth person was injured and is being treated by the Burn Treatment Unit at Lincoln Hospital.

First responders are not tragic strangers, but firefighters, Sarpy County Sheriff’s agents, and other personnel arrived on Monday night, especially in a dire scene. A severe car accident that killed four teenage girls. Another girl who was injured in the burn remains hospitalized.

The crash occurred just west of the intersection of 180th Street and Platteview Road. Victim names are withheld until family notice.

Victims of the Gretna accident loved dancing, cheerleading and football.

When Gretna deals with the loss of four teenage girls in a car accident, a long-time resident said in an accident nearly 40 years ago when four teenage boys were killed near Sapp Brothers. I remembered.

Families of three Gretna girls sue Sarpy County over fatal crash | Nebraska Source link Families of three Gretna girls sue Sarpy County over fatal crash | Nebraska

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