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Thousands of travelers are returning to cruising this year for the first time since the pandemic began. However, most cruises now have very stringent requirements on what to display before boarding.

And, as the two women learned, if you miss only one item, you can leave that cruise that has saved you a long time. For Debbie Schwabe and her mom Blanche White, a cruise at the Celebrity Summit would have been a dream trip.

They headed to Fort Lauderdale with a bag and paperwork containing “my original birth certificate, driver’s license, and my COVID test information.”

But when they were on board, she says, “They said my birth certificate wasn’t correct.”

Security guards told Schwabe that the 1969 original hospital certificate was an unacceptable ID.

“They said it was decorative and not country-issued,” she said.

The women had to go home and the dream journey ended before it began.

“They won’t help us,” White said. “I know, I can’t talk about it yet.”

They slept at Fort Lauderdale Airport, finally went home and ran out of the $ 3,000 they paid for everything.

Know exactly what you need before your cruise

what happened? According to travel agencies, taking a Caribbean Cruise is very different from taking a domestic sailing trip as it leaves the waters of the United States.

Therefore, it is very important to have all the important papers available. Otherwise, boarding may be denied.

Travel agency Jerry Katz First discount trip A passport is best, but most Caribbean cruises do not require a passport. However, he says, cruise lines usually require a state-issued birth certificate rather than a hospital certificate.

“It’s a memorial to moms and dads, but it doesn’t have any significant or citizenship implications for those traveling abroad,” Katz told us.

He says the two women were not the first to appear with a commemorative birth certificate.

“Of course, that happens every day,” he said.

Katz says his agent would have found if they had come to his agency Celebrity website fine print, State that baptismal documents, hospital birth certificates, voter cards, and social security cards are not accepted as a form of ID

He also said that if you change your surname for marriage, you will also need a state marriage certificate.

A celebrity was contacted to ask if the woman could get a refund, and Cruiseline promised to investigate.

Therefore, if you do not have a US passport, please check your cruise ID requirements a few months in advance. That way, you won’t turn your back like Schwabe or White.

“It was a nightmare,” Schwabe said.

That way, you won’t waste your money.


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