Family files $20M lawsuit against SpaceX after fatal car accident – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2021-05-07 22:28:59 –

Photo of a crash in which the Venegas family and an 18-wheeled vehicle interfered with Highway 4 while trying to enter the SpaceX facility around 4 am on June 7, 2020 (credit: Texas Public Safety Agency)

Harlingen, Texas (KVEO) — A Texas family filed a multi-million dollar proceeding against SpaceX after the family’s death after a car accident outside the launch site.

On June 7, 2020, the five Venegas families in San Benito went on a camping trip to the beach when the ebb and flow of the tide forced them to leave around 4 am.

While they were driving Highway 4, they collided with a stalled 18-wheeled vehicle outside the SpaceX facility, resulting in the death of her husband and father Carlos Javier Benegas, 35.

Venegas’ wife, Lucin Venegas, and her three children suffered spinal and leg injuries.

According to the autopsy, Venegas’s cause of death was “blunt trauma from a car accident.”

The family has sued SpaceX for $ 20 million in damages, claiming that it was the result of gross negligence on behalf of SpaceX.

According to court documents, a Venegas lawyer said SpaceX failed to equip and renew its highway, failing to accommodate its rugged and constant use.

Lawyers say SpaceX needs to add appropriate lighting, warnings, and procedures to guide disturbing third-party delivery vehicles, especially to allow beach visitors to navigate the site safely at night. Said.

They also argued that SpaceX, not the municipality, was responsible for expanding the highway to account for the extra traffic load.

In the case of an 18-wheeled vehicle involved in a crash, court documents indicate that the highway is too narrow and dark to navigate, which may be the cause of the highway obstruction.

“This was about profit and timing. It wasn’t about safety. [SpaceX was] He decided to rush to build and open a large company in Bocachica, which resulted in the death of Mr. Venegas, “Venegas’ lawyer wrote.

SpaceX lawyers said it was Venegas’s fault that caused the accident, arguing that it wasn’t.

They said Venegas was “lazy in the surgery in question because he could not use the degree of caution and caution that would have been exercised by ordinary cautious people under the same or similar circumstances.” wrote.

In this case, Nexstar’s KVEO contacted both parties and waited for a response.

Family files $20M lawsuit against SpaceX after fatal car accident Source link Family files $20M lawsuit against SpaceX after fatal car accident

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