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Family honors Desirea Ferris 4 years after disappearance – Kansas City, Missouri

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Kansas City, Missouri — This weekend will be four years Desirea Feliz I’m missing.

In honor of her, Feliz’s family tried to turn the bad into the good.

“Sometimes it’s difficult to get down these streets, but we do this for Deci,” said Jennifer Feliz, Decirea’s stepmother.

It is symbolic that Desirea Feliz’s family participates in cleaning the community in the same neighborhood as her. Got missing Four years ago.

“You’re walking down these streets, like,’What the hell are we passing by? Are we near her?'” Feliz said.

Desirea was in the Marlboro district before she went missing. All her telephone activities stopped early in the morning of May 2, 2017. Since then, no one has seen or heard her.

“I was really tough just because I didn’t want to move on without her. All these plans grew to do something after high school, college, and everything else,” said Sidney Wood Deza. Ria Feliz’s sister-in-law said. .. “I’m meeting new people doing all these fun things. I’m 21 years old, and she never saw her 21st birthday.”

Throughout the cleanup, the family knew their goal was 81st & Highland. This is one of the last places Desirea Ferris was seen alive.

Desirea Feliz family Visited the street Three months after she went missing, I searched for an answer.

According to police, she was the last person to see Desirea Ferris I picked it up from a nearby house around 1:30 am From there, it’s a mystery.

Family used her Phone ping I’ve done dozens of searches over the decades in search of answers.

The area near 81st & Highland is a source of much pain for the Desirea Ferris family.

“It feels good to help clean and improve the area so that nothing happens to other girls like Deci,” Jennifer Feliz said.

Desire’s mom, Patty Tam, couldn’t get rid of it because it was so hard, but she always encourages people to inform.

The family wants to send a message to someone who knows where Desirea is. They don’t stop searching and make sure people remember her name.

“We will continue to do that until we take her home,” said Desirea Ferris.

The story of Desirea Ferris spreads all over the country and even around the world. Her family has launched a Facebook page to raise awareness. Take Desirea Feliz home.. This page has about 20,000 supporters.

Anyone with information about Desirea’s location can send a message to one of the administrators on the page or call the TIPS hotline or Liberty police anonymously.

Family honors Desirea Ferris 4 years after disappearance Source link Family honors Desirea Ferris 4 years after disappearance

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