Family members call on Denver DA for justice after young mom dies in shooting on Colfax – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-02-25 21:53:56 –

Denver — Pamela Cabriales smiles on every photo shared by her family — that’s how they want to remember her.

They say Cabriere enjoyed working as a real estate agent and loved to be the mother of her six-year-old son.

With their memory, they want justice. Cabriales was shot on his way home on Saturday night.

“She had a supper with a friend and left home to go home,” said Pam’s sister, Maria Gubusar.

Police said Cabriere was driving west on Corfax Avenue near I-25 when someone fired multiple shots at her Range Rover and escaped. She was seriously injured and died Wednesday night.

“We are all just devastated,” said longtime friend Myra Zambrano. “She was such a wonderful person that we couldn’t see our lives without her.”

“Pam was a wonderful mother, daughter, sister, and friend,” said the victim’s brother, Alex Cabriere. “She was everything. She was in the sun. She was always worried about others and always wanted to help others.”

Zambrano’s voice was emotionally choked while she was talking about Pam.

“We’ve been friends since we were little girls. We used to play Barbie. When we were teenagers, we got into trouble together. She’s like my sister,” Zambrano said. It was.

According to police, witnesses said the person who fired was in a dark-colored Honda and was associated with a shooting at McDonald’s in West Alameda the night before. Three bullets were fired at the occupied restaurant.

Police found Honda shortly after midnight on Sunday and used a “pit maneuver” to stop Honda on South Tejon Street near West Byers Place. Three teenagers, three adults and two boys, took off on foot, but police were able to catch them.

An adult 18-year-old Nechin Johnson and one of the boys are being detained for an attempted murder investigation. Police found 16 .22 caliber ammunition and one .223 caliber shell in the hut where Johnson was hiding. They also found two AR-15 rifles in the back seats of Honda.

They said no decision had been made on the possibility of prosecution against the third individual in custody. Police believe Johnson was the driver and one of the boys fired one of the AR-15s.

“The emotions my mother is experiencing cannot be expressed in words,” Alex said.

“The second time,” Gubser added.

“She took a child with a gunshot wound on her head,” Alex said.

Their brother, then 14-year-old Noel Cabriere, was shot dead in 1994 in a dog-related incident. Alex said the shooter spent little time behind the bar.

“If the minors are old enough to trigger, they are old enough to spend time,” he said.

The Cabriare family is saddened by Pam and his nephew who no longer has a mom.

They are sending a message directly to the District Attorney in Denver.

“We want justice to be provided,” Alex said. “Our brother is the first [Noel] Killed in 1994, he [the gunman] Manslaughter — I walked in jail for a couple of years, went out and killed someone else. So Beth McCann, it’s in your hands to get this right. “

Alex said it was not justice to walk one of the boys.

“The deal shouldn’t take place,” Alex said, “and a third suspect [is] Being a minor and being offered in a simple transaction, that’s not all. “

Set by a family friend GoFundMe account to help provide security For Pam’s son. Julieta Kinones said the money would be used to invest in college for a six-year-old.

Family members call on Denver DA for justice after young mom dies in shooting on Colfax Source link Family members call on Denver DA for justice after young mom dies in shooting on Colfax

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