Family mourns Morgan ‘Max’ Victor killed in SE Portland shooting – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2022-05-18 18:37:25 –

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) -Police said Nathaniel Freeman had been arrested and charged with murder. Taken at the place where the stray bullet flew away from the apartment South East Portland Building — Kill a man inside.

The bullet struck 30-year-old Morgan “Max” Victor in his apartment near the Southeast 28 Ward and Division.

“I heard a gunshot, so we jumped out of bed. Seeing him lying on the floor, people were yelling at me, so I went to him and gave him I’m hugging. Please leave me. Victor’s fiance, Saubrana Hedenberg, said.

Hedenberg told KOIN 6 News that they were both from Hawaii. It was love at first sight when they met.

“He was the greatest person I’ve ever met. Just because he was my fiance doesn’t mean he’s saying that,” Hedenberg said.

Born on the Big Island of Hawaii, Victor left behind a large family with brothers who worship him.

Victor’s sister Keara Kawai said, “We are ten, brothers, and they are blood brothers, but my brothers are very close to many people and he mourns like us. I have friends who are mourning. They cry every day. I’m very happy that he welcomed all my friends because there were so many stories and I couldn’t always live, but now they You can hear about it. “

His sisters say his story is all they left behind after a nonsensical shooting.

“He was a big guardian in my life, especially when he approached me, I knew I felt better every day and could call him if something happened,” said Victor’s sister Gabrielko. Soph said.

Victor’s mother says he was her middle child born with a natural talent. She feels that her future has been stolen because there was much more that her son could have seen.

“He was the guy who felt safer because his neighbor lived near him. He was the guy who bought his first cool tennis shoes for the kid next door. It was lost by Portland. And that’s a shame, “said Victor’s mother, Tamara Charles.

As an entrepreneur, he just started his own homebuilding business, and his fiance was going to be his real estate agent.

“We can’t do it now because we have a lot of things we wanted to do together,” Hedenberg said.

His family says his infectious laughter, infectious smile, and warm embrace will be lost.

“I feel like I’m in another dimension. I can’t even accept what’s happening. So hug your loved ones and tell them that you love them every day. Please tell me, “said Hedenberg.

Victor’s Hawaiian name, Kahoa Okekai, means exactly where his ashes are, a friend of the sea. Hedenberg spreads his remains on the first beach in Hawaii he met before returning to Portland.

There is Gofundme for Victor’s family Because they are soon holding a celebration of his life.

Family mourns Morgan ‘Max’ Victor killed in SE Portland shooting Source link Family mourns Morgan ‘Max’ Victor killed in SE Portland shooting

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