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Family of 3-year-old boy who died in mobile home fire says he was playing with lighter – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-12-08 02:09:44 –

Las Vegas (KLAS) – Kaden Meacham is described as a little boy who loved superheroes. “He wanted to run around the house at the cape and be a good man,” said Tammy Kano, Cadden’s grandmother.
The loss of Caden has dug a big hole in families who are already sad.

“On December 1st, I lost my child’s mother. On her birthday, a few days later, I lost my nephew. I didn’t expect this to happen in a row in a blink of an eye,” Kaden said. Uncle Jared Meacham said.

The family was attending a candle rally for Cousin’s cousin’s mother on Sunday night.

“My daughter was trying to focus on him and set up GoFundMe for him. She was so tired that she had to go home and light a candle at the guard on the dresser. He got it. “

While pointing the camera at Carden’s mother, Ryanon Meacham, she said she woke up surrounded by a rush of flames to find out that Carden was still inside.

“He wasn’t breathing when they found him,” Kano said. “His body had 90% burns and I didn’t know if he was alive at the time.”

When looking back at the surveillance footage, Rhiannon Meacham said Kaden imitated what he saw on the candlelight vigil the night before. “My daughter’s sadness right now is so terrible. She thinks she’ll never be the same as two little girls being strong,” Kano said.

When the fire broke out, Kaden’s two sisters were in school.

To help with the cost, the family GoFundMe page.

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