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Kabul, Afghanistan >> Survivors of a false US drone strike that killed 10 family members demanded that the responsible person be punished today, saying Washington’s apology was not sufficient.

The family is also seeking financial compensation and relocation to what appears to be safe in the United States or another country, and Emar, one of the people whose three-year-old daughter Marika was killed in a strike on August 29. Ahmaddy said.

That day, an American hell missile struck a car that Ahmaddy’s brother Zemerai had just pulled into the Ahmaddy driveway as the children ran to greet him. In total, 10 members of the family, including 7 children, were killed on strike.

On Friday, US Marine Corps General Frank Mackenzie, head of the US Central Command, called the strike a “tragic mistake” and said innocent civilians were actually killed in the attack.

U.S. forces initially defended strikes, targeting Islamic State group “facilitators”, and militants launch attacks in the chaotic final phase of the withdrawal of U.S. and NATO troops from Afghanistan at the end of last month. He said he confused his abilities.

The discrepancy between the military depiction of the strike and its discovery on the ground soon became apparent. The Associated Press and other media outlets reported that the driver of the targeted vehicle was a longtime employee of a US humanitarian organization. Despite the Pentagon’s claim that the vehicle contained explosives, there were no signs of a major secondary explosion.

The drone strike killed 169 Afghans and 13 U.S. military personnel at one of the gates at Kabul Airport in late August, following a devastating suicide bombing by Taliban rival IS. At that time, many Afghans desperate to escape the Taliban were crowding the airport gates in hopes of embarking on an evacuation flight.

McKenzie apologized for the mistake and said the United States was considering paying compensation to the victim’s family.

Emal Ahmadhi told AP on Saturday that he wanted the United States to investigate who fired the drone and punish the person responsible.

“Sorry, that’s not enough,” said Ahmadhi, who heard an American apology from an American friend. “The United States should find someone who has done this.”

Mr Ahmadhi said he was relieved that the apology was provided and that the lost family members were recognized as innocent victims, but that this would not be able to recover them. He said he was dissatisfied with the family’s failure to receive a call from US authorities despite repeated requests.

He seemed exhausted as he was sitting in front of the scorched ruins of his brother’s car.

In the days prior to the Pentagon’s apology, family reports, documents from colleagues seen by AP, and the scene of a family home where Zemerai’s car was struck by a missile were all significantly inconsistent with US military explanations. was doing.

Instead, they painted a family who were working for Americans and were trying to get a visa to the United States for fear of their lives under the Taliban.

Zemerai Ahmadi was a family earner and cared for his three brothers, including Emal, and their children.

“Now I’m in charge of the whole family and I’m unemployed,” said Emar Ahmadhi. Ahmadhi, living under the Taliban, said the situation was “bad.”

International aid groups and the United Nations have warned that a humanitarian crisis is imminent that could push most Afghanistan below poverty levels.

After tracking the white Toyota Corolla sedan for about eight hours, McKenzie said the decision to attack it poses an imminent threat to the U.S. military, based on “reasonable certainty.” It was said that it was done in. Kabul Airport. It was believed that the car was carrying explosives in the trunk, he said.

However, Ahmadhi suspected that the family’s home might have been mistaken for a hideout in the Islamic state.

“The United States can be seen from anywhere,” he said of the United States’ drone capabilities. “They can see innocent children near and in the car. Anyone who does this should be punished.”

“That’s not right,” he added.

Family of Afghans killed in U.S. drone strike seek compensation, relocation Source link Family of Afghans killed in U.S. drone strike seek compensation, relocation

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