Family of firefighters keep 9/11 stair climb tradition alive – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico 2021-09-11 20:59:33 –

The firefighters marched down the street from Civic Plaza to Plaza Building and remembered why they were here on their way to the stairs.

“It’s personal that the 343 firefighters who died in 911 climbed the stairs of the World Trade Center tower. They never came back, so don’t forget,” AFT spokeswoman said. Tom Lewis, who is in charge, said.

Twenty-two steps to the summit, a trip marked with a plaque to commemorate its fateful day, men and women often traveled up and down the crowded stairs five times.

“This is honestly ready but not ready. It’s very difficult to get ready to do this. Many people of the day have to climb the stairs to a height of 78 floors. There was. ” AFT Lieutenant Chuck Cogburn.

Everyone has a photo when moving up and down, not just gear.

“I represent John Ginley of Engine 40,” said Chuck Cogburn.

“And I have a Thomas Farino engine 26,” added first-year firefighter Adam Cogburn.

And everyone has different reasons for climbing.

“It’s cool to carry on the tradition that fire departments are brotherly love that has been passed down from generation to generation, so it’s a bit cool to maintain that,” said Adam Cogburn.

Adam is a third-generation firefighter, and this is his first year climbing the commemorative stairs. It makes more sense to climb the stairs with your father.

“He started this when I was little, so it’s cool to see how big it got and how much everything grew, and I’m looking forward to seeing how everything grows.” Adam said.

Chuck has been climbing for 19 years, but this year is a special year for several reasons.

“There are quite a few sets of fathers and sons who actually died that day among the townspeople,” Chuck said, staring at his son. “This is a very proud moment. It’s a really traditional job. I’ve served their city.”

They will climb the stairs for the fifth time on Saturday and will continue to climb together each year.

Family of firefighters keep 9/11 stair climb tradition alive Source link Family of firefighters keep 9/11 stair climb tradition alive

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