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Tulsa, Oklahoma — Jim Luthesser and Coco share a very special bond. Together, they made a lot of memories.

“I took her to all the motorcycle races,” Luthesser said.

They also overcame some of the roughest patches in life.

“Eight years ago he was racing a dirt bike in Texas. He crashed over the handlebars, broke his neck and paralyzed his neck down,” said Jim’s wife, Debbie Luther. Said.

After the crash, doctors told Jim’s wife that he only had 24 hours to live, but he went against those odds — the first miracle of the Bixby couple. He eventually arrived at rehab in Oklahoma City.

“What’s great is the treatment he received, and she was part of Jim’s treatment because Coco was able to enter the hospital room with him,” said Debbie Luther.

Debbie said she moved her RV there to be with Jim. She said one night Jim asked her to spend the night in her hospital. But when she returned to the RV the next morning, she noticed that someone had invaded the RV.

“Everything is gone, but here is gone,” Debbie said.

Jim says he was devastated.

“I couldn’t do anything about it, you know, I couldn’t get up and try to find her. I just felt, very helpless,” Jim said. ..

When they were saddened by Coco’s loss, Jim was released to return to Bixby and they decided to have another dog. Three weeks ago, they said a second miracle had happened. A shelter in Oklahoma City was called.

“We have your dog, Coco … and I … I buckled, I knelt,” Debbie said.

She said she was grateful to God for staying with her throughout her journey to this day.

“Jim always says that we glorify God. He did this for us, took her home and reunited with great joy in our hearts. I am always grateful to God for doing this, “said Debbie.

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Family reunites with missing pet 8 years after crash Source link Family reunites with missing pet 8 years after crash

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