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Buda, Texas (KXAN) — Buda, Texas After losing their little son in a bathtub accident, the family shares a tragic story.

From the beginning of this year, the life of Ezera Saused, 18 months old, has not been exactly the same. Just four months ago, he was walking, talking and playing with his brothers. But now he is tied to a wheelchair and an IV drip, and dosing is commonplace.

18-month-old Ezera Saused (courtesy of Kortney Moss)

To understand Ezera’s journey and why his family calls him a “winter warrior” and a miracle, we need to go back to February 17, when the Texas winter storm raged.

“When I woke up, the water pressure was low and there was no electricity, so I decided that I needed to fill the tub that morning,” said Ezera’s mother, Courtney Moss.

She warned the children not to enter the bathtub before taking a short break on the couch. She said her sons started playing in their room before heading to the living room.

“They went to the living room and Dad asked,’Where are your brothers?'”

When Dad went looking for Ezera, he noticed that the bathroom door and shower curtain were open.

“When I tried to close the shower curtain, I found Ezera lying prone in the bathtub,” Moss recalled.

“The amount of adrenaline and horror flowing through my veins … it was crazy,” Saucedo said.

“Ezera was in her arms, soaked in water, pale and lively. She immediately started CPR,” Moss said.

Ezera’s family said she was in the bathtub for only a short time. They called 119 and rushed to the hospital to wrestle with the ice and snow roads.

“I can still feel the ice on my feet. I was barefoot,” Saused said.

Doctors could not detect Ezera’s heart rate when they arrived at the hospital. After a few minutes of uncertainty and panic, things began to change slowly.

“They said,’I intubated because my heart rate is low.’ He was on a ventilator and said,’I’ll transfer you to the Del Children,'” Moss said. I did.

They stayed there for 99 days and never left Ezera’s side.

“He suffered a brain injury in the part of the brain where you could move and talk,” Moss said.

His little brain was trying to rewire himself to return to normal, but he was having generalized cramps every day. He continued to use ventilators and IV and X-rays became the norm.

Ezera in hospital (Courtesy of Kortney Moss)
Ezera in hospital (Courtesy of Kortney Moss)

“He experienced neurostorming for a period of time, but at the end of the neurostorming he developed intestinal cyst-like disease, which is like a bubble around the intestine,” Saucedo explains.

The days were long and the nights were even longer. But then — a faint light of hope appeared.

“He started bleeding from his intestines, which looked normal. The next day, it seemed to be gone and doctors couldn’t understand it. [how his condition improved]”Moss explained.

Ezera’s father said he had overcome all difficulties by the grace of God.

Small miracles have begun to pile up. After hours of therapy, Ezera began to breathe on her own, and it was finally time to go home. His family said there was still a long way to go.

Ezera returning home from the hospital (courtesy: Kortney Moss)
Ezera returning home from the hospital (courtesy: Kortney Moss)

“He’s a newborn baby again. We go through these stages and eventually he’ll crawl, walk and talk,” Saucedo said.

They now have a message to their parents.

“If you can, take swimming lessons for your children, get first aid, and get CPR certified. I want to prevent this from happening to other children.” Mr Moss said.

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family warns about getting swim lessons after son almost drowns in bathtub Source link family warns about getting swim lessons after son almost drowns in bathtub

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