Family without home after electricity dispute with hotel – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-11-30 23:44:57 –

Denver — Ragen Atkinson, Eddie Walker, and their two children are homeless after a dispute with the manager of Motel 9 in Colfax. Electricity in the room that was out for almost a week..

After spending more than three months at the motel, they are still there.

“I’m still angry and still upset,” said Eddie Walker, looking for a new place to live. “You can’t win here.”

Walker and Atkinson moved from South Carolina to Colorado during the summer for a better life. Looking for an affordable place to live, they found Motel 9, which charges $ 450 a week to stay.

“I actually moved here for a better life, but it’s gone,” Walker said. “I don’t get what I’m paying for.”

A power outage occurred on November 24th. Walker was working at Denver International Airport when Atkinson called.

“My wife called me. The lights are flickering. After 30 minutes, the lights go out,” Walker said. “No one has fixed it.”

The family was forced to draw electricity from the next room to power the air conditioner. Everything else was in the dark. Motel 9 management sent a few electricians, but they never turned on again.

On Tuesday, after the story aired, the family left Motel 9 due to a dispute over power and the story’s manager.

“They came, and they basically said,’You have money or you have to leave,'” Walker said. “That’s why we’re gone.”

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Now they are trying to find a new home, carrying only their clothes. They found a new hotel for the night, but they are worried about coming tomorrow, the cycle begins again.

“It’s like we’re still stuck. We paid [a new] “But what about 10am check-out time,” Walker said. Then I had to understand everything again. “

Proponents of the East Colfax Community Collective say the problem continues as vulnerable families struggle to find stable housing in Denver and Aurora.

“They literally ran out of choices,” said Kelsey Clark, director of a special project at the East Corfax Community Collective. “We must fight for better and bolder policies that protect members of our community, especially for lessors.”

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